Thursday, September 22, 2005

Feelin' Down...

I'm feeling a little down today. Maybe it's just that I didn't get much sleep, maybe it's that the weather was rainy for the first time in weeks, oy maybe it's the fact that I still haven't heard from the agent reviewing my full ms.

It's geting longer than she said it would take her to get to my ms and I can't help but wonder if that's a bad thing. Does it mean that she doesn't like it and has decided not to rep me, but doesn't even consider me worth replying to? She replied so quickly initially that I was hoping to hear from her either way. I even spent double the money on postage and enclosed a return envelope with both the partial and the full.

On top of that, I entered a writing contest back in May. The deadline was May 15, I got married on May 14, so I was rushing to get my submision in while I was finishing putting on the final touches of our wedding. The finalists were supposed to be announced by July 15th. By late August, I still hadn't heard anything about the contest. On August 23rd, I found out that the contest was running way behind and hoped to announce finalists mid-Sept. Still waiting on that one.

I entered the contest to try and get some unbiased feedback on my writing. But it's taken so long that it hardly seems worth it.

I guess it's the combination of the two that is making me say "woe is me." Don't worry, my morose won't last long. I hope...

Well, I'm gonna go and do my darnedest to get cheerful.


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