Sunday, September 18, 2005

Happy Days...

So, this weekend has been really nice for me. After dinner with my family Friday, hubby and I went to B&N--it's a big deal when he let's me go in that store! Then we visited with his family. They were already tailgating in their plush RV (I've explained previously how seriously we take our college football around here). We lost, by the way--the only down side to the weekend.

Then, Saturday the fun all began again. My wonderful group of friends all got together at a local Mexican restaurant and plied me with margaritas while making me wear a decidedly heavy sombrero. I didn't wear it too long, but we had fun anyways. It was a nice sized group, so we all chit chatted a lot. Then, the real fun began when a few more of our friends joined us all for bowling. We bowled for hours, on several lanes. It was pretty funny. Only one or two injuries, thankfully.

I also got a lot of really thoughtful gifts. One of which was the DVD: The Wedding Date. I didn't catch the movie while it was in theaters, but it looked so good. So, I watched it this morning. (I'm waiting till this evening to go to mass--just so you know I'm being good ;-)) And I was happy to find it's just as good as I thought it would be.

Dermont Mulroney (sigh). There was also a nice kiss or two, which got me thinking... So, I thought I'd add this fun little thing to this post.

You're an Passionate Kisser

For you, kissing is about all about following your urges
If someone's hot, you'll go in for the kiss - end of story
You can keep any relationship hot with your steamy kisses
A total spark plug - your kisses are bound to get you in trouble

Hope you enjoy it. Well, I'm off to recover from my fun, count my Blessings and wonderful friends, and take a shower so I don't stink at church. Hope you all had a great weekend too!


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