Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I got nada... except...

I got nada today... Which means, I didn't get a letter or email from an agent and I didn't get any writing done. However, I do have one really lovely thing, friends. Wonderful friends who are near and dear to my heart.

I actually have an amazing group of girlfriends who support me in all of the wild and crazy ideas I get. No matter how looney I can be, they always treat me as though I am perfectly sane. Well, almost sane.

They are such a wonderful Blessing in my life and I am so happy to have them. One of those friends has been a part of my life especially longer than the others and she knows what a special place she holds in my heart--I hope.

From the moment that I forced her to be my friend in 9th grade gym class, through the loss of family members and the ins and outs of college romance, we always maintained our friendship and the special bond that had brought us together (my brute strength is what she'd probably say it was--she was a bit reluctant to make friends, being a new kid and all that).

She was the only person besides my husband that I told about my writing for a while. And what was her reaction after I dropped that tiny bomb and quickly covered my ears so that her roaring laughter wouldn't bust my eardrums? She said it was great and that it didn't really surprise her. When I asked her if she thought I could be a good writer, she said I did an awfully good job writing all her papers in college
:-) (which is an exaggeration she often makes to down play how smart she really is).

From there, the news of my writing spread, as I wrote. Now, all 6 of my girlfriends know, and my mom and sister. And, you know I've found more support for my writing than I ever thought I would. I guess when it comes down to it, I underestimated those important people in my life and the love they have for me. I'm regretful of that, but eternally thankful that I was wrong to doubt their support (although it may be my abilities I really doubted, by just figuring they'd realize I'm not capable of writing, but they showed me!) and for all of the love they share with me.

I love you all, and I thank God every night before I sleep for the gift you are in my life.


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