Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Hump...

I'm on the hump... And no, I don't mean Wednesday, although it is Wednesday. And no, I don't mean that hump either. Dirty minds! I'm stuck in my story. You know, the hump around the fourth chapter. Or maybe I'm the only one who gets caught on that hump. I do though, each blooming time!

Someone (whom I appreciate very much!) asked to read my ms. So, I let her. And she emailed me back with a lot of handy comments, such as; wrong word here, bad participle there, etc (good grammar, this girl!)... At the end, she said it sounds like a "typical" story where the hero is involved in subterfuge and he and the heroine fall in love and then she finds out and gets mad, he makes it all better and they live HEA. And I thought... Well, really roughly, it is. There's a lot of other stuff too. You know, plot stuff. But then she said, but since that's been done, I'm excited to see how you're going to make it different. And all of the wind blew out of my sails. Which means my hump got even bigger!

I get her statement. I understand completely and I appreciate her input. She had a lot of great comments and a number of BIG grammar finds! My question is this: Is there something wrong with writing a story whose general premise has been done, but hasn't been done this way? I mean I haven't read the story I'm writing. I've read tons of books with premises that are similar to each other, but each has their own unique way of telling it, even if they don't veer off the common premise much. And the stories are never exactly the same and I enjoy them each time.

If I have to have a completely novel premise for each story I write, am I capable of writing? I'm creative, but do you know how many books are out there? Some of my favorite books, by bestselling authors are common premises.

I have a pretty good suspense story in my head that I've been toying with and now I keep thinking, should I turn my attention to it and just dump my wip?

Does anyone have all the answers for me?



Nicole Reising said...

Wow. Ok, I read it first thing this morning - I won't tell you how early we were up - but suffice it to say I decided to 'ponder' it a bit before I responded. So many things were crowding forward to be heard I didn't want to even try to make head and tail of it to you. So in the end, I'm just giving you a quick comment here. Then I decided to make a post out of it! :-) Love ya girl - your always inspiring me!

My comment: Work on both. I have so many books going because there are days where one story is just refusing to speak to me. But the other is screaming at me. It works well. And coincendently I just visited a blog where someone else was just doing this too. So... whether everyone agrees with me or not... I think its a great idea. (Lori Hartt's blog)

Second - Read my blog for my long winded response :-)

Love you girl! And I love your books!


Emma Sinclair said...

Well yes I have the answers!

Actually I don't, but I just wanted to say that once to see what it felt like. It was fun.

But seriously, how many Beauty and the Beast type stories are there? Or Cinderella?

How many books are their about SEALS or Vampires or Rich Millionaire Playboys/Sheiks/Princes?

Are they all the same? No!!

It's you - the author - your voice, your ideas, your characters, your choices that make the book different.

So, there, maybe I do have all the answers.

April said...

Thanks, Cole! I'm not sure I have the mental capacity to live in so many worlds at once quite yet, but I'm going to give it some thought!

Emma, you certainly had the right answer for me at least! Thanks!

Michelle said...

I have read a million Cinderella stories and I love them every time. Why? Because the characters make it different. It's all about the people and you'll have a winner. :)