Monday, April 30, 2007

Let's Talk About....

The beast with two backs?

Whatever happened to the use of the good old word... Sex? And how in the world did "the beast with two backs" become a euphemism for sex? Can anyone explain that one?

I've seen a lot of creative words for sex and for different body parts. At times they've been so ridiculous they're hilarious. I won't use any examples out of books because this isn't about knocking anyone's writing. It's a simple discussion of a simple matter.

I needed to find a saying earlier. A cliche if you will. Because... well, we've discussed my cliche issues in prior posts. And I couldn't think of the word ciche so I googled euphemism. I know, cliche is much simpler, but sometimes my brain doesn't work that way. What I found were several websites with euphemisms for sex. And I thought... I write about that, let's see what they have.

I found the typical stuff we've all heard countless times. "Doing it" "Bumping uglies" which still confuses me. Guys use this phrase, but heaven help someone if they something disparaging about said guy's "little guy".

But then I found phrases I had never heard of. Some I couldn't even figure out. If I had heard them in conversation I would have no clue the person was referring to sex. Phrases like, "Waxing the giraffe" I get it, but I wouldn't have without thought. And "The beast with two backs" I have no clue. Maybe I'm naive, but it completely escapes me.

Then there was "Coitus" which I see where it relates, but it sounds more like an STD than something pleasurable. Maybe in a historical? Though I can't say I've seen it.

Here's the website where I found these little gems so you know I didn't make them up. I'm creative, but no that creative!

I also found this funny story about a guy who couldn't apparently say the word sex to his wife. I'm sure it's fiction, but funny none the less.

What's the funniest euphemism for sex you've ever heard?


PS I'm sure this post should garner some interesting google search returns! :o)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Hunk O'Hero day over at Word Flirts. Join me there!


Monday, April 16, 2007

Working for the weekend...

or not. So it's Sunday, well Monday morning now I guess. And I have only now gotten any work done on my wip. But I got 2000 words done tonight, so I guess I won't complain too much.

We got a new bed on Friday. It's a king size where our old bed was a queen and to be frank, while it's beautiful, it's also hilarious. Our bedroom was not made for a king size bed, that much I'm fairly sure of. But it fits. Just. And while our new mattress is very comfortable, it's a little more than hip high off the ground. We even ordered the low profile box springs so it wouldn't be so high, but when they got it set up I just burst out laughing. Maybe I'll loose weight faster since I have to literally 'climb' into bed now.

I'll try to post a picture this week. I would tonight, but it seems the batteries in the camera are dead and the little fairies who steal away with the matches to my socks when I'm not looking have also gotten into the AA batteries. Bad fairies.

But I had a good weekend even without the writing. Friday night we went to see a good friend of ours play (music) and Saturday I spent time with my friend who is pregnant. It's the first time she's felt like actually doing anything, so we goofed off. Then I spent time with my sweet brother-in-law and his girlfriend, whom I love to death, while we hid out from the violent storms which swept through town.

What was your weekend like?


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

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Monday, April 02, 2007

Husbandly Advice...

I hope you all had a delightful weekend.

Saturday I helped out my friend and then shared a nice evening with the hubby. Sunday proved quiet too. Until dinner that is.

Hubby and I had a casual dinner and I was thinking of my hero's motivations for going along with the scheme that is going to bring he and the heroine together. So I decided to do something I haven't ever done before... Ask my hubby what he thought. My hero is an athlete and I wanted his opinion on if it made sense from a man's sporting stand point.

He listened-actually first he got a glazed look in his eyes, but then I assured him it was a quick question and then he listened-and asked questions and we ended up discussing the whole plot despite my assurances otherwise.

THEN, he dropped the bomb. He said he thought my hero's motivation to get involved wasn't very strong or realistic. I of course got defensive. I said it's romantic FICTION, it doesn't have to be perfectly realistic! Then, he did something I will admit still has my head spinning. He said, "What about this instead..." And he proceeded to not completely rip my plot to shreds, but to twist it into a similar, but altered story.

I sat there, asking questions, wishing his words would sound like dribble, refusing to admit that my HUSBAND had just come up with a stronger plot than me. Then, I finally gave in and smiled.

Presuming the worst of me, he said, "Let me guess... You think I'm an idiot and you're going to do it your way. That's fine. You asked, I shared that's all I can do."

So I called him a Turkey and said, very begrudgingly, "actually, I really like it."

He then of course demanded 50% of the profit if I sell it. I reminded him we're married and what's mine is his and his mine.

I have no idea how that happened. But I'll tell you what. I'm really impressed.

Who would have guessed?

I would say he even surprised himself, but he's too busy thinking he's "da bomb" so it would be a lie.

Either way, he didn't act like he was going to collapse due to boredom from listening to me talk about my story and he actually took the time to hear what I said and do something way beyond my expectations.

Of course, the last thing he said was, "This doesn't mean you're going to tell me EVERY idea you get does it?"


So I'm wondering... Was this an aberration or do other hubbies help out on the writing front?


PS Thanks to my hubby's insight, I erased 1200 words, but added another 3500 or so. Now I'm at 5750! Woo Hoo!!