Monday, October 31, 2005

Almost there...

With all of the recent activities and events, I have had a lot of motivation to procrastinate finishing off my submission. I love to procrastinate. It's my passion. Well, one of them at least.

But today I got my butt in gear and went to work on revising my synopsis. Whew... My critique partner did a great job of helping me see where I needed to make changes on the first draft. Now I've boogied the revised version over to her for more help. I worry that I've taxed her with asking her to revise it again and again. Not to mention the actual ms. But she's so good at it. At least once this is off, I won't have too much to ask of her for a while.

In other news, the Blazing Summer contest winners were announced. Setting Her Sights did not place. I'm really not surpirsed at all. I submitted to the contest before I received the letter from the agent that recommended some significant changes early on in the story.

I think that had I submitted the revised version, it would have been a stronger candidate. That's not to say I would have won. There were some mighty skilled writers who entered. But I think I would have had a better chance.

To those of you who won, congratulations! It's nice that I've gotten to know most of you on the eharl message boards. It's easier to watch someone you really like win.

I didn't make it in to see Super Keith today. I have to be there first thing in the morning. I mean FIRST THING. So, not only do I have to get poked and proded (not probed, prodded--totally different), but I have to have it done early in the morning. No fun at all. None.

Well, the door bell is jingling with tricker treaters...

Cast of Characters...

I know I said I would post pictures of Halloween costumes I saw this weekend. I still plan to do that. However, I have to first locate the cable to connect my camera to my computer.

In the mean time, I figured I'd share a little of my Halloween Party experiences with you all.

The Halloween party was also a surpirse birthday party for my sweet hubby. He was thoroughly surprised. We decorated one room of the house with nothing but all sorts of silly birthday decorations. A good friend of mine baked a wonderful cake. She does the most amazing things! It was a tomb stone with my husbands name on it and the year of his birth. It was made of red velvet cake so it was sort of eerie cutting it.

There were so many creative costumes there. We had Madusa, Mother Nature, a geisha, a crossing guard, a bee, a spider, a punk rocker, Robert Palmer & one of his dancers, lobster boy (those tongs pinched hard), a flasher (that one was a little shocking), a few farmers, a pimp, a bunny (who played mandolin), an 80's chick (sort of Desperately Seeking Susanesque), the daughter of our sheriff dressed up as her dad, and one of my personal favorites... a mastercard ad.

We didn't make it home until late. Of course. And because we spent a lot of time sitting outside around a fire pit, my sinuses are screaming today. The bacteria are also making themselves known (see previous post).

Speaking of the bacteria, I finished up my antibiotic today and I'm no better. In fact, I think I'm a little worse. So I guess I'll be seeing Super Keith again tomorrow. And of course they're going to want to take blood and I really really hate having blood drawn. Really. But I guess it's a small price to pay so I can breath again...

Back to Halloween, my dear husband had half of his zombie costume off within the first hour. Which is funny because he teased me that I wouldn't be able to put up with wearing my wings for more than ten minutes. And guess what? I wore them all night. I may have slapped a few people in the face with them. If someone reading this is one of those people... sorry. But I wore them all night! My shoulders are a little sore. Who knew that butterfly wings could be so heavy?

Well, I'm going to rest up and try to breath. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that Halloween goes just as well. I love seeing all of the little trick or treaters!


Friday, October 28, 2005

A Butterfly and Her Zombie...

Halloween is upon us. The great last minute hunt for Halloween costumes is well under way.

Some friends of ours are having a Halloween party. Having been informed of this some time ago, I duly made my decision about what I would be for Halloween. I chose a butterfly. My husband was heartily disappointed to hear this news. He loves gruesome stuff. He thinks everyone should dress up as something scary. Hence his Zombie costume.

As a child, I always chose happy things for my costumes. I can't honestly recall having ever been anything scary. I remember being Wonder Woman, a princess, a baby, Pippy Long Stockings, and I'm sure there were numerous other cartoon characters, but they fail my aging memory. So, I rejected my husband's notion and chose to be something not scary.

Although, my costume isn't the most creative, it makes me happy and it's easy. A number of my friends have very elaborate and creative costume plans. I'm taking my camera, so I'll be sure to snap some pics and post them. That was a warning to my friends: prepare to be posted.

We don't have children yet. My husband plans to dress up as Willy Wonka once we do and then dress them as Oompa Loompas. It's been his dream for some time. (eye roll). At least it's creative.

It's always hard for me to think of anything creative to dress up as. Mainly because I start thinking of the work involved in making or finding the costume. What are some of the most creative costumes you've ever seen?

P.S. If you're looking for some spooky Zombie stuff, you should check our friend's Zombie website. It's pretty creepy.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Reality of Reality TV...

I'm not the biggest reality tv fan. Mainly because I always find myself getting sucked into it and then the next thing I know I've blown four hours staring into the tube.

However, I was sucked in by the TBS show Outback Jack. I was highly reluctant to watch the show because not only is it reality, but it's dating reality. Which means that I'm going to want two people to end up together in the end and that's not highly likely to happen.

For those of you who weren't Outback Jack fans, I'll give you a brief recap:
Vadim Dale, better known on the show as "Jack" is a native of Australia. A group of young, semi-prissy girls were air droped into the Austrailian outback for a five week roound of speed dating. Each episode a girl was given the proverbial boot. Early on, a girl named Marissa on the show set herself up for the role of "bitch".

The show came down to two girls. Marissa, the bitch and another girl named Natalie. In all honesty, I didn't expect Natalie to make it very far on the show. While I loved her, she seemed to be the last girl capable of surviving the harsh conditions of the outback.

Some fancy editing assisted this belief, I'm sure. Such is reality tv...

I watched the final episode, sure that I would be just as disappointed that I had allowed myself to become invested in this show. Positive I would watch sweet, warm and fun loving Natalie wipe away tears while watching Marissa's conniving little behind walk away with Jack.

Only I was thoroughly pleased to watch as JAck said goodbye to Marissa and welcomed Natalie into his life with open arms.

I clicked off the tv and decided I wouldn't watch any news reports about the show for a while, because it was a happy ending and as any romance reader knows, we love happy endings. I didn't want the news about their breakup to reach me. Afterall, that's the best part about fiction. Happy endings stay just that... happy.

So, as I was flipping the channels this evening, I noticed that on Fox Reality, their going to be showing Outback Jack the Wedding tomorrow. And I thought, "huh?" So, after a moment or two of surfing the net, I discovered that as a result of my "buried head in the sand" I totally missed that Vadim and Natalie got engaged last December and then wed this September. I'm also posting a picture of the happy couple.

Ahhhh, this is a lesson learned for me, Even in reality, happy endings do stay happy. Sometimes... I should have known. I have my own to prove it.


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

It's Fall!!!

In case you haven't figured it out from previous posts, or you're new to my blog, I figure I should preface this blog by letting you know that I'm from the South. Really South.

So, our winters are approximately 4-5 weeks long. Most years, I wear shorts for Thanksgiving and Christmas. A dusting of snow closes all of our schools and causes every grocery store to sell out of bread and milk. Yes, I said dusting (you know, where you can still see the grass and there's nothing on the roads). Oh, pardon me. My Southern friends are correcting me. There "may be" black ice on bridges and overpasses. Dangerous stuff.

My bestfriend spent many years in Berlin, Germany as a child. Her first year here (our freshman year in HS) she was blown away when the schools closed at the threat of a dusting of snow. She laughingly explained that in Germany, you go to school as long as the snow isn't so high that the bus doors can't open.

Ok, in defense of our public officials, I wouldn't want to be on the road with half of my fellow state citizens if it snowed. They drive bad enough without any other potential impediment.

On to the real subject: Today, our high was in the 60's. That's cold for here. And it was wonderful!!! It made me so happy. For some that is their summer. To you, I say you should try 20 days straight of a heat index of 115. That's summer. In comparison, 60 is freezing. For those who are internationals, I'm speaking in farenheight. I'd convert, but I lost that skill shortly after graduation. Sorry.

So, finally fall has reached us and it's great. Now, I realize that this doesn't mean it won't be 80 on Christmas like it was last year or the year before. But for just this week, it's cold and that's enough.

Ahhh, I'm off to enjoy the chill on my hammock swing.

Monday, October 24, 2005

It's Not Asthma, It's Bacteria...

That's what my doctor said, at least. As a child, I was diagnosed with acute asthma. Which meant I was the kid who always carried a bright yellow and orange inhaler with her everywhere she went. Yeah, that was me you used to tease...

I stopped seeing my pediatrician just about 2 years ago. No, I'm not 20. I just kept seeing my pediatrician until his head nurse wouldn't let me anymore. He's a friend of the family. I digress... I haven't had any asthma problems for a few years now, so I didn't bother to mention anything to my new "adult" doctor because I figured I'd outgrown it. Which means my inhalers and prescriptions for new ones all are expired. Really expired.

Then, last week I started having problems breathing. And I thought, "F%&*ing A. It's asthma again." Sort of the way they used to say, "It's the penguin again, Batman!" in the old Batman tv show. Boy, I loved that show.

I digress again... So, I went to my MD today and he poked me for my DNA and made me huff and puff into half a million gadgets. Then he came into my little 4x6 room, with his cape flying, a big "K" on his shirt (his name is Keith--for some reason, even though I'm not sick much, I'm on a first name basis with my doctors and dentist. Even the OBGYN) and triumphantly announced that it wasn't my asthma, it was "bacteria."

Yup! I have ooey, gooey bacteria in my lungs and it is menacingly trying to prevent me from breathing. So he gave me some antibiotic pills--which are approximately 2"x2" in size. Well, almost. And told me to take two a day for a week and then give him a ring if I didn't feel like tap dancing. I asked if he could give me a big spot light to point into the air as a signal for him instead. He shook his head regretfully and said it got broken when the parking garage was built. Darn it.

So, I'm pill popping and finishing off my revisions. I finally got to the revision suggestions my cp made. May I say, my cp is awesome! And smart to boot. How did that happen? I won the cp lottery. Don't tell anyone though. I don't want her to get stolen away from me. What's even better though, is that she's going to be famous one day and I'm going to get an autograph. So, take that "bacteria..."

On that note, I'm off! (why did "to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz..." song pop in my head?"


Saturday, October 22, 2005

Hero Worship...

Ms. Crusie recently posted a message about how she does collages before she writes. She makes them using pictures and small items that represent an image, person, feeling... in her story.

I'm not so advanced in my writing that I do collages, but I do collect pictures. You may note my virtual shopping expeditions two posts ago. I don't always get to write. Sometimes, it can be days or even a week between the times I get to pluck away. Then, I forget what the vision I had of a place or person was.

Sometimes even if I'm not away, I'll just up and change something without realizing it until I go back to edit. With my fist ms, the one I'm editing now, I found that I actually switched what my hero looked like half way through. Of course, it took me a while to write and I was having notions about my next story. Apparently my hero morphed into that one.

After this, I decided I needed to try and find pictures of my characters, the places they live, the cars they drive, the clothes they wear. This way I don't change his eye color mid way through. I do brief character worksheets, but they don't effect the image in my head.

So, I've gathered quite the database of "lifted" pictures from the internet. I have several from magazines, but I don't have them scanned. I figured I would share a number of my hero pictures, in hopes that they may help someone else out there.
(Warning: some of these pictures are not for the tame of heart)

The hero of the ms I'm editing is modeled (physically) after Michael Owen.

Beach volleyball anyone?

I LOVE Michael Schoeffling

Who doesn't love a fireman?

He's an artist, he's a model, he's a great hero!

Good Morning!

Saddle up cowboy!

Wes is yet another attractive rugby player!

You have any cuties to share? Share 'em. For now, I'm feeling mighty inspired... Guess I'll go write something. Just let me clean the drool off my keyboard.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Je Suis Fini!!!!

Almost. I have finally finished with the major revisions on my ms. Now I need to revise the synopsis, check for grammar etc..., let my sweeheart of a critique partner take a read and pop the sucker in the mail.

I'm really proud that I hunkered down and got it done.

The entire ms turned out to be 293 ms pages or 73,250 words. The guidelines for the publisher and line I'm targeting is 70,000 to 75,000 words. It was originally 74,000, so I have just cut out the equivalent of one page. There's a small chance that count will change some as my cp makes suggestions and final edits are done.

But it just feels so good to be done with the largest part. Ahhhhh, how nice.

While I write contemporary, not fantasy, I'm as girlie as the next girl. Which means I like fairies. I was directed to this amazing artist who makes water colors of fairies. When I saw this one, she called to me. So, I thought I would share it.

She's called "Story Keeper" and the artist is Selena Fenech
visit her site for more of her art!

Happy Writing,

Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Power of Music...

Music is a powerful force. Both instruments and lyrics can have an impact on a listener.

Some people write to silence. For me, silence is deafening. At the same time, a lot of background noise, such as a Cardinals game (clears throat loudly), can be too distracting.

I find that listening to music on my head phones while I write, really helps me. I have more control over the volume, the music more effectively blocks out other sounds, and if I choose the songs correctly, they often go along with the scene I'm writing.

I used to sing... Yeah, believe it or not I did. My friends, whom I had to keep awake on late night car trip once, can attest to my wide repetoire of show tunes. I was a chorus geek--at least that's what my husband calls it. Of course, he was a band AND orchestra geek, so he knows one when he sees one. Sadly, I got away from singing in high school and am now so out of practice I couldn't sight read Mary Had a Little Lamb--a little chorus humor for you.

Anyways, I don't know if that is what makes me so drawn to music or not. Sometimes just having my headphones on doesn't work. Because I can still hear my darling husband screaming... excuse me, I stand corrected: yelling (apparently men don't scream) at the umpires, I have to either turn the music up really loud (which is TOO distracting) or I have to use my orange ear muffs or protectors, whatever you want to call them.

They're the things people at airports use to protect their hearing. My earphones hug my ears and are small, so the protectors fit right over them. It's nice, because then I can listen to my music nice and low--like I like it--and the protectors block out all of the screaming... I mean, yelling.

Thank God it's the only time he ever yells. Boy, he's got some lungs on him.


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Shopping Spree...

Ever been on one? Ever been on one without a budget?

That's how I feel when I get to go virtual shopping for my characters. Need a little black dress? Let me pop on over to Neiman Marcus online and do a little browsing. It's wonderful.

Anything you need, you can find. Jewelry, clothes, cars... Oh, cars. That's an entirely different subject. My husband is in love with the Ford Mustang I virtually built for one of my characters. It was nice, but the Jag I built was better.

Did you know that most car manufacturers allow you to custom build your own made to order car on their websites? Even better, they'll allow you to see pictures. It's great. I think the best car to date that I've built virtually is the GT. Oh, I love this car. Here's a picture of it, just for you:

At a projected price tag of just under $150,000, it doesn't look like I'll ever own one. But they sure are pretty to look at.

Okay, now back to something I could possibly buy. Someday. Maybe. Like some of the things at Neiman Marcus. If I didn't mind blowing my budget, I could drop $600 on a new dress. I better get a lot of wear out of it, but I could do it. Good thing my husband isn't reading this blog, or he might have something to say about that!

However, it is much more fun to shop with my herione or hero's virtual money. It grows on trees in their world, after all. Doesn't it?


You Say Stop, I Say Go...

I've been working hard on my revisions. At the same time I've been studying "craft". I've come to realize a number of "rules" or "recommendations" that directly contradict each other. And I have to ask myself, why.

For example, I read that I shouldn't use simple words. Instead I should look up other words that aren't so common. On the same page, I read that I shouldn't use words that are too complicated. KISS--Keep It Simple Stupid is written in bold letters. So, what is it? Simple or Uncommon?

I also read that POV shouldn't change much and that it should always be preceded by something indicating a change, such as the popular "***". However, I then read tons of books in which this doesn't occur and I find the shifts in POV perfectly fine.

So, after much agonizing over these matters, I have decided to do what ever I feel like doing. That's not to say I'll go crazy and write "see spot run" books for their simplicity or that I'll draw large diagrams indicating a shift in POV.

I'm simply going to do the best job I can in making my ms readable. Well, not just readable, but attractive to readers. If someone has a problem with the fact that I don't have "***" between each POV, then they don't have to read it.

I think that there are always exceptions to "rules". Especially in fiction. I was always told to NEVER start a sentence with the word "and"--I see it all the time in the books I read.

So, there you go... Now I'm off to delete all of my "***" and to add in a few more "exciting" words. Should be fun.


Sunday, October 16, 2005

Stopping By...

I had a few minutes before I get into doing some writing and decided I'd stop in and post a little note.

The film premiere we went to on Friday proved to be just as startling and disturbing as I thought it would be. If I could find the man featured, I would track him down and take his little girls away. The poor things have no type of life. They're constantly on the road with a father who's an alcoholic and druggie. He has no concept of what it means to be a father. And the little girls are rediculously bright. I'm talking ivy league material here. It's really really sad.

The wedding we went to on Saturday was beautiful. The blushing bride was so sweet. She couldn't resist waving hi to people as she walked down the isle. They make a lovely couple and it's obvious to anyone within thirty feet that they adore each other. I wish them every happiness in the world.

Today we had to go to a bike rally for my husband's work. I usually resist doing anything but going to church and hanging with family on Sundays. But my husband really had to go and he didn't want to go alone, so I went with him. It was interesting. Let me tell you, I thought I was a little wild since I didn't get home Friday night till 4:30AM--not typical for us. But I can't hold a candle to some of the people out there today.

What was worse, or better actually, is that I forgot my ID. I'm blatantly over 21. But they refused to let me in without putting black x's on my hands so I couldn't drink. I wasn't planning to drink anyways, so it wasn't a big deal. It just seemed wierd to have them on my hand. I mean I've been over 21 for... well quite a few years. I still get carded at the grocery store every once in a while, but not always.

I couldn't decide if I felt good to have something making me seem young, or if I felt like I was one of those women dressed too young for my age with the black x's on my hands. Either way, I'm home now and they've been washed away. I told my husband as we left that he was robbing the cradle. He found it funny since we're actually less than a year apart in age.

Well, I'm off to revise for a little bit. As you can see from my side column, I have managed to get a little done this weekend. It feels good to set a schedule and stick to it. So, here I go, sticking to it.


Friday, October 14, 2005

The test...

This weekend is loaded with activity. This evening my husband and I are going to the premiere of an independent film. This past new year, was the last show of a band named Captain Easy. My husband played bass for the band. They all decided to work on some solo projects. The producers of the film used the band's music as the soundtrack. So, it's pretty exciting for him. Not to mention the film actually sounds interesting. It's called Drive.

After the show, some friends of ours will be playing music. So, we're destined to be out late tonight. Tomorrow, we have a wedding to go to. The wedding is at 2PM, then there is the reception and then there is another receiving party tomorrow evening. So, we'll be tied up most of the day.

I'm telling you all of this, because this means that I will be tested on my committment to working on my revisions each day. Yesterday was great. However, since I'm eliminating and adjusting chapters, I'm going to switch the measure on the side bar to what page I'm on rather than what chapter. That way the count is accurate.

Despite the hurdles, I am committed to what I established. Therefore, this may be my last post for the weekend. We'll see... Until then, I wish you all happy reading, happy writing, and a really happy weekend. The weather is finally tolerable here, so at least I won't have that to contend with this weekend! Well, except that it'll lure me outside. I may have to take the laptop onto the back deck.


Thursday, October 13, 2005


I'm feeling inspired... I've decided I'm going to batten down and get my revisions done! My goal is a minimum of 2 chapters per night. I'm going to keep a status record in my side column so I have accountability.

I've been lagging and allowing other things to distract me and as a result I spend a couple of days away from the work and I'm lost when I try to go back. So, I'm going to get it done!

My ultimate goal is to have the manuscript complete and sent off to a publisher by the end of October. It's a pretty tight goal for me, as I have a really difficult time letting something go. Wish me luck!


Tragic News...

I just logged onto my computer and decided to run through my email before I posted for the night. In my email was a note from a writing friend. She shared that Jude Deveraux's 8 year-old son was tragically killed in an accident this past Thursday.

The obituary states that he was riding a motorcycle of sorts without the lights on or a helmet when a truck travelling the same condition failed to spot him until it was too late.

It's such a tragedy to loose someone so young. The Washington Post has a guest book where you can leave your condolences for Jude and her family.


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

It Has Begun...

It's now mid-October and the Christmas elf that runs around inside me simply refuses to go unheard any longer. Usually she's beaten down my walls by August. However, I was able to resist her continued assaults until now.

"It's the most wonderul time, of the year," plays continually on a loop in my head. Over and over and over. My sweet little doggie, Mr. B., sits and listens to me singing, "we wish you a merry Christmas" as my hubby and I are carving the pumkin for Halloween.

I'm wierd and I know it. I have no problem with that. My husband is very supportive about it. He did however, resist the idea of dressing our house up as "Christmas" for Halloween. I thought it was a great idea. But that's ok. I'm not really ready to decorate for Christmas yet anyways. But I could be if he'd let me.

Somewhere in my head, I know it's not Christmas. And I enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving as well. I just L O V E Chrsitmas.

So I guess I'll satisfy my Christmas urges by posting here.


Saturday, October 08, 2005


I'm finally getting some work done! And it feels great. While my husband spent the day on the sidelines of a football game (which our team won by a landslide), I spent the day at my computer.

It feels so good to get back to my manuscript and to be getting somewhere with it finally. I set a goal of having my revisions complete by Oct. 31st. And I'm planning to stick by it.

Having said that, I have a number of events this month that will attempt to distract me. On Oct. 14th, we have to attend the release of a friend of ours' documentary film. It's a pretty interesting film that follows a trip he took once. After being stuck midway on a journey to Canada by the fact that he didn't have a valid passport, he met up with a man travelling with his two young daughters. When I say young, I mean young like 7 and 11. The man needed assistance driving the limo they were in to Vegas. So, stuck with no other choice, he goes with them. The story takes a decidedly dark twist when the 11 year-old shows him the semi-automaitic weapons in the trunk and demonstrates how to load and unload them. Yikes!

I had a hard time believing it until I saw some of the footage. Boy do I feel sheltered.

Anyways, then we have my brother-in-law's birthday on the 15th and the biggest deal for me, my dear hubby's birthday on the 29th. We'll be going to a halloween party that night and I'm trying to convince him that his "birthday suit" would not be an appropriate costume.

Wish me luck!


La Di Da

So, I haven't had the chance to do much writing this week. However, tomorrow is W-day. Writing Day. I'm very excited about it! I was stuck trying to decide whether or not to remove a scene. My lovely critique partner gave it to me plain and simple. So, now that I know what I have to do, I want to do it.

In other news, I'm a member of LRWA. I love my chapter! In november we're having a beach retreat with a bunch of great guests and speakers. Here's a copy of hte release that was sent out about it today:

How does a weekend at the beach casually mingling with bestselling authors,
a MIRA editor, a top notch publicist and several dynamite speakers sound to
you? What if it was to be held at an amazing mansion right on one of the most
exclusive beaches in the country... a mansion that includes an in-ground pool,
elevator, multiple fireplaces and decks, and every amenity imaginable
(including maid service)? What if the entire weekend, including all gourmet meals,
cost only $175?
If this sounds like your kind of retreat, we would love to have you
join us at the Lowcountry (Charleston, SC) RWA Beach Bound Retreat!
Dates: Nov 4-6
Place: Isle of Palms, South Carolina
Speakers: Susan Wiggs, Diane Chamberlain, Mary Alice Monroe, Tamar Myers,
publicist Marjorie Wentworth, and Mira editor Miranda Stecyk.
Total number of attendees: 40
Cost: LRWA members: $140; RWA members: $175; others: $200 (includes all
meals except Sunday dinner) Daytripper price also available.
For more info, including online registration form and payment options,
please visit: _www.LowcountryRWA.com_ ( and
click on Retreat. Feel free to email me with any questions.
_NinaBruhns@aol.com_ ( Remaining space is very limited, so get your
reservations in asap!
Hope to see you there!

I think the retreat is going to be loads of fun!

I guess i better get to sleep if I'm going to be productive tomorrow.


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Verdict...

Welp, I just came home from the dentist and guess what, everything is peachy. No cavities, no crowns, no nothing. I fessed up to him about my attempt a free dental care. He laughed.

I did learn something interesting about the OTHER dentist. They had attempted to recruit my hygenist and she said they offered to give her a $1000 sales bonus each month. Hello! Since when is a dental hygenist a salesperson? Althoug, I have to admit that I'm considering a career change after learning how much they make.

Lessons learned: Nothing is ever really FREE and I'm not ever going to a dentist other than my own again.


Nothing's Free, Especially Dentists...

My husband brought me a "FREE visit" certificate from his dentist. So, I thought, "okay, I'll skip my usual appointment with the dentist who's been taking care of me since I started babysitting his kids in the 7th grade(which was an untold millinum ago) and go to my husband's trusted dentist. I mean, it's free what can it hurt?"

Mwahahahaha.... That's what the "free visit" dentists of the world are doing right now. Evil laughing and rubbing their grubby little hands together.

I'm.... and adult. I've had my fair share of fillings. I had braces as a teenager--although I admittedly didn't wear the head gear, it hurt, darn it! But I've never had "major" work done. Well, other than for my wisdom teeth removed, but that's routine. That doesn't mean I have horrible dental health. I can proudly say that I haven't had a cavity in quite a while. Not that I would be floored if I was told I needed one filling--I LOVE sugar.

However, after taking x-rays and poking at me for 3 minutes (in which nothing hurt or was sticky), my dear husband's dentist went on to explain to me that I needed 4-phases of work. Yes, 4-phases. ALL of my past fillings needed to be removed and redone. The tooth I cracked as kid that has been repaired with tooth colored filling that looks just fine, well it needs to be whittled down and a vaneer put on. Might I add that he had no clue that it had ever been worked on until he saw the x-rays!

The very first phase of this work, which I might add, they were happy to start to work on right then, would be a very reasonable $1700. Okay. At this point, I freaked!

FREAKED! I nodded, and kept smiling until I could get the hell out of there. I mean I went from thinking maybe I'd had enough chocolate recently to need a minor filling to being told I needed 4 phases of dental work done, the first phase of which would run $1700. We're talking about $8000 of work, total. Hello!

So, I've set an appointment for tomorrow with MY dentist and I'm going to lay it all out. I plan to tell him that I took my husbands free little certificate (which I might add didn't end up including a cleaning, just x-rays and the almighty doctor's expert analysis) and thought I'd save myself a few bucks, but instead ended up unable to sleep because I was worried all of my teeth might fall out. Yikes!

My husband said, "maybe your fillings need to be replaced." And I explained that I was aware that fillings don't last forever. They have to be replaced. However, not unless they've shrunk, or decay is around them. Replacing a filling before then would be like replacing your break pads before they squeal. You can do it, but what's the point. They work perfectly fine until then. Then you have a window of time to have them replaced without hurting anything. That ALL of my fillings would fall into that window at the same time and that that window would come with no warning is just too fishy.

Well, I'm off to nightmare land. That's what I get for sneaking a free visit to another dentist. Figures, it felt like I was cheating already. I kept looking around wondering if someone would see me going in and tell my dentist. Now I have to tell him. Great!


Saturday, October 01, 2005

I got kinks, but I'm working...

All right, there are a few kinks I need to work out with my coding. I try. I swear that I try. The title up above is supposed to be this real pretty glowy title. Only it isn't right now. I'm working on it.

But not right now. Right now I'm working on my revisions. I've been working on them ALL day! Yup! It's been really nice. My dear husband who doesn't really mean to be a distraction, but simply can't help but be one when he's yelling at the football players on the screen, had to work today. All day. In fact, he left at noon and it's now almost 3AM and he just called to say he'd be home soon.

His company put on a music festival today and since until recently he was in a band that was well known in our region, he was of course put in charge of many of the duties. So, he went to sleep stressed, woke up stressed, and sounded really relieved when he called earlier.

In his place, this fellow has been keeping me company:

No, Michael Owen is not actually in my house. He's still happily married and living in the UK with his lovely wife and daughter.

But his image happily flashes across my computer screen anytime I want.

This is fine with my husband, because I was revising my ms today, you see and my husband is terribly afraid I'm going to put him in a book. Although it's not like they're getting published tomorrow, so I'm not sure what his big fear is.

Anyways, the revisions are coming along beautifully. Well, except that my hero and heroine keep fighting about who's POV I should be in at each point. Goodness gracious, I've never seen two people so eager to have their thoughts tossed out there for all and sundry to see.

Oh, I got back my Jasmine contest entry today. I didn't final, but I didn't do too bad either. What's best is that I got some really great input from the judges. it couldn't have come at a better time since I'm already revising.

Okay, that's all the computer screen time my eyes can take for one day. I'm off to night-night land. Tomorrow I'm headed to church with my mother and then we're going to have some mother-daughter bonding time while my husband catches up on his rest.