Monday, October 31, 2005

Almost there...

With all of the recent activities and events, I have had a lot of motivation to procrastinate finishing off my submission. I love to procrastinate. It's my passion. Well, one of them at least.

But today I got my butt in gear and went to work on revising my synopsis. Whew... My critique partner did a great job of helping me see where I needed to make changes on the first draft. Now I've boogied the revised version over to her for more help. I worry that I've taxed her with asking her to revise it again and again. Not to mention the actual ms. But she's so good at it. At least once this is off, I won't have too much to ask of her for a while.

In other news, the Blazing Summer contest winners were announced. Setting Her Sights did not place. I'm really not surpirsed at all. I submitted to the contest before I received the letter from the agent that recommended some significant changes early on in the story.

I think that had I submitted the revised version, it would have been a stronger candidate. That's not to say I would have won. There were some mighty skilled writers who entered. But I think I would have had a better chance.

To those of you who won, congratulations! It's nice that I've gotten to know most of you on the eharl message boards. It's easier to watch someone you really like win.

I didn't make it in to see Super Keith today. I have to be there first thing in the morning. I mean FIRST THING. So, not only do I have to get poked and proded (not probed, prodded--totally different), but I have to have it done early in the morning. No fun at all. None.

Well, the door bell is jingling with tricker treaters...

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