Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Shopping Spree...

Ever been on one? Ever been on one without a budget?

That's how I feel when I get to go virtual shopping for my characters. Need a little black dress? Let me pop on over to Neiman Marcus online and do a little browsing. It's wonderful.

Anything you need, you can find. Jewelry, clothes, cars... Oh, cars. That's an entirely different subject. My husband is in love with the Ford Mustang I virtually built for one of my characters. It was nice, but the Jag I built was better.

Did you know that most car manufacturers allow you to custom build your own made to order car on their websites? Even better, they'll allow you to see pictures. It's great. I think the best car to date that I've built virtually is the GT. Oh, I love this car. Here's a picture of it, just for you:

At a projected price tag of just under $150,000, it doesn't look like I'll ever own one. But they sure are pretty to look at.

Okay, now back to something I could possibly buy. Someday. Maybe. Like some of the things at Neiman Marcus. If I didn't mind blowing my budget, I could drop $600 on a new dress. I better get a lot of wear out of it, but I could do it. Good thing my husband isn't reading this blog, or he might have something to say about that!

However, it is much more fun to shop with my herione or hero's virtual money. It grows on trees in their world, after all. Doesn't it?



Mirtika said...

Ah, I am not alone. I've done "online shopping" for my characters, too. Usually when it's something I don't shop for in my real life--like a luxury car for a rich character, or luxury accessories for a wealthy gal, etc.


April said...

Don't you just love it? My husband definately prefers my virtual shopping. :) Take care as you take shelter from Wilma, Mir!