Friday, October 14, 2005

The test...

This weekend is loaded with activity. This evening my husband and I are going to the premiere of an independent film. This past new year, was the last show of a band named Captain Easy. My husband played bass for the band. They all decided to work on some solo projects. The producers of the film used the band's music as the soundtrack. So, it's pretty exciting for him. Not to mention the film actually sounds interesting. It's called Drive.

After the show, some friends of ours will be playing music. So, we're destined to be out late tonight. Tomorrow, we have a wedding to go to. The wedding is at 2PM, then there is the reception and then there is another receiving party tomorrow evening. So, we'll be tied up most of the day.

I'm telling you all of this, because this means that I will be tested on my committment to working on my revisions each day. Yesterday was great. However, since I'm eliminating and adjusting chapters, I'm going to switch the measure on the side bar to what page I'm on rather than what chapter. That way the count is accurate.

Despite the hurdles, I am committed to what I established. Therefore, this may be my last post for the weekend. We'll see... Until then, I wish you all happy reading, happy writing, and a really happy weekend. The weather is finally tolerable here, so at least I won't have that to contend with this weekend! Well, except that it'll lure me outside. I may have to take the laptop onto the back deck.


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