Monday, December 17, 2007

It's Time For a Break...

Okay, it's officially time for a break. I've fought it for a while. But I'm now at the point of inevitablility.

Today I am 12 weeks pregnant. YAY! And I'll admit the pregnancy and recent events have been quite the distraction. There are also a couple of concerns which place me in the high risk category. Namely a blood disorder I have called factor V Leiden which causes me to be prone to clotting. Which wouldn't be such an issue if I weren't allergic to aspirin which is the easiest and most common solution for the problem during pregnancy. So my focus just hasn't been on writing.

With work and family and the baby on the way there's just been so little time to spend on writing or even writing activities. So I finally decided I need to just give myself permission to take an extended break.

I'll still be around, lurking to see what everyone is up to. And it's definately a temporary thing. It's just a long temporary thing. Lord knows the characters in my head will not permit me to live in peace for long. LOL!

Smooches and happy writing to all of my blog buddies!