Monday, July 30, 2007

What do you get...

When you take a normal, hometown boy and send him through intensive police training, followed by extensive Special Ops training and then toss him into the midst of the 80's drug scene of Miami followed quickly by eight years in the jungles of Thailand? One hell of a DEA agent!

Our speaker this past weekend was terrific. We all promised to share as little of the details as possible so he isn't brought before a committee. So here's Ten things I learned:

1. No boat, sorry Sarah. But he said when he was assigned to Miami, it was actually very Miami Vice like. Large expensive boats, designer clothes and lots of drugs and money.

2. His biggest irritation with media representation is procedure issues. He said most everything you see or read has tons of procedural no-no's which may have occurred 10-20 years ago but would NOT occur now-a-days.

3. It was very easy to tell that he loved the thrill of the job. This is a man who lives for life on the edge. He'd talk about things he'd done, situations he'd been in which were to say the least unbelievable and then, as we're all gasping in horror, he'd say, "It was GREAT!"

4. He said what he didn't like most of the time was bureaucracy.

5. I didn't get the chance to ask him what goes through his mind right before he busts in to a room, but I get the impression that, "Let's Rock and Roll!" Wouldn't be too far off. I thought it'd be, "Oh s*%&" But after hearing him talk, there was apparently only one "Oh S#$%" moment and he didn't think that until AFTER he was already in deep doo.

6. Another interesting thing we learned. Scarface... not so off the mark. That was sort of scary.

7. He says the biggest problem for DEA agents is that they deal with a lot of drugs and a LOT of money and they see the lifestyle that money brings, day in and day out. They even pretend to be living it then go home to their modest little house. But often, the lure of the money is too much and they become corrupt.

8. Thailand I can't talk about much... because I don't think I'm supposed to. And you don't know how difficult that is for me, because it's the most exciting stuff! Maybe I'll put it in a book, slap the word "fiction" on there and no one will know any better :o)

9. He's not single. He got divorced in the middle of his Thailand assignment and eventually had to have his family flown home on an emergency flight when a general didn't take too kindly to the way he was wiping out his heroine business. But after leaving that assignment (no, he didn't chicken out or give it up, he was sent home because people wanted him dead in a bad way)he eventually made it back here after assignments elsewhere in the US and retired to PI work. He met his current wife at a local gym and they began dating... All together, his life seems to have taken a decidedly calmer turn.

10. I thought that while there were alpha men out there, they weren't as "alpha" as what I'd read. I was wrong.

Debby who arranged this speaker (she found him while researching a book) calls him Batman. To his face. He just smiles. Definately Batman.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

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And the new look at Word Flirts!


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

How Did That Happen?

Okay, so I've blogged until I'm blue in the face about not getting to write. But I did some writing tonight and decided to update my word count. It was at 16,250. When I went to calculate my count as of tonight it was 22,500. And I thought, HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? I guess little by little I added 6,250 words. Which makes me a VERY happy girl. So now I'm off to celebrate by going to sleep!

Keep the questions for the DEA Agent coming! I'm going to sound like the smartest attendee or like a stalker, I'm not sure which! :o)


Friday, July 20, 2007

It's ALMOST the weekend!!

Work has been CRAZY BUSY! So writing has been crazy low. Now it's almost the weekend and hubby is dragging me out of town for baseball. One day I'll have a free weekend to write.

Not next weekend though. Next weekend is my RWA chapter meeting and we're having a DEA agent speak. He's actually killed people. And he's rather nonchalant about it. Apparently taking out an entire building full of drug manufacturers in the jungles of Asia is everyday business. I can't wait to hear the stories he has to tell, but I'm having a hard time putting together a list of questions...

So I thought I would seek your help. If you could ask a DEA agent anything, what would you ask?


Thursday, July 12, 2007

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I'm over at Word Flirts today trying to keep my mind off the fact that I'm not in Dallas!


Sunday, July 08, 2007

Getting to Work...

It's been a long week and now the weekend is ending! Where does the time go? That's what I want to know!

This weekend, hubby smoked ribs (yum!) and we spent Sat doing things that needed to be done. I ran errands with a friend while hubby mowed the grass. Quite the job considering the grass in our backyard had gotten above knee height in places. I've been begging him to do it. I try, but then I have asthma attacks and he gets mad at me for doing it. No winning I tell ya.

Now I'm bunkering down and hoping to get some more writing done. How about you? What did you do this weekend? Any writing?


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

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My family's Fourth of July fun at Word Flirts!