Sunday, October 16, 2005

Stopping By...

I had a few minutes before I get into doing some writing and decided I'd stop in and post a little note.

The film premiere we went to on Friday proved to be just as startling and disturbing as I thought it would be. If I could find the man featured, I would track him down and take his little girls away. The poor things have no type of life. They're constantly on the road with a father who's an alcoholic and druggie. He has no concept of what it means to be a father. And the little girls are rediculously bright. I'm talking ivy league material here. It's really really sad.

The wedding we went to on Saturday was beautiful. The blushing bride was so sweet. She couldn't resist waving hi to people as she walked down the isle. They make a lovely couple and it's obvious to anyone within thirty feet that they adore each other. I wish them every happiness in the world.

Today we had to go to a bike rally for my husband's work. I usually resist doing anything but going to church and hanging with family on Sundays. But my husband really had to go and he didn't want to go alone, so I went with him. It was interesting. Let me tell you, I thought I was a little wild since I didn't get home Friday night till 4:30AM--not typical for us. But I can't hold a candle to some of the people out there today.

What was worse, or better actually, is that I forgot my ID. I'm blatantly over 21. But they refused to let me in without putting black x's on my hands so I couldn't drink. I wasn't planning to drink anyways, so it wasn't a big deal. It just seemed wierd to have them on my hand. I mean I've been over 21 for... well quite a few years. I still get carded at the grocery store every once in a while, but not always.

I couldn't decide if I felt good to have something making me seem young, or if I felt like I was one of those women dressed too young for my age with the black x's on my hands. Either way, I'm home now and they've been washed away. I told my husband as we left that he was robbing the cradle. He found it funny since we're actually less than a year apart in age.

Well, I'm off to revise for a little bit. As you can see from my side column, I have managed to get a little done this weekend. It feels good to set a schedule and stick to it. So, here I go, sticking to it.



Billy T. said...

April - Billy T. here! Found your blog! Glad I got to catch up on Friday with you and Beth and everyone. Were you at the Bike Rally at Catch 22? If so, we were there too - we (Dena, Bethany, me, and a couple of others) were at Bellacinos at about 2:30 (we were in two cars with North Carolina license plates, incognito style!!) Could have sworn I saw John Stout walk by as well.

Good luck with the book. I'll try to do a better job of staying in touch!

April said...

Glad to hear from you, Billy. We went out for a little while. Interesting people... Bellacinos--yum! Thanks for your well wishes.

Keep in touch and have a safe drive home!

Templar said...

Thanks for stoping by my blog.. I like your lay out.Very cute!

April said...

Thanks, Templar.

Can't wait to try the Chunky Monkey!