Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Reality of Reality TV...

I'm not the biggest reality tv fan. Mainly because I always find myself getting sucked into it and then the next thing I know I've blown four hours staring into the tube.

However, I was sucked in by the TBS show Outback Jack. I was highly reluctant to watch the show because not only is it reality, but it's dating reality. Which means that I'm going to want two people to end up together in the end and that's not highly likely to happen.

For those of you who weren't Outback Jack fans, I'll give you a brief recap:
Vadim Dale, better known on the show as "Jack" is a native of Australia. A group of young, semi-prissy girls were air droped into the Austrailian outback for a five week roound of speed dating. Each episode a girl was given the proverbial boot. Early on, a girl named Marissa on the show set herself up for the role of "bitch".

The show came down to two girls. Marissa, the bitch and another girl named Natalie. In all honesty, I didn't expect Natalie to make it very far on the show. While I loved her, she seemed to be the last girl capable of surviving the harsh conditions of the outback.

Some fancy editing assisted this belief, I'm sure. Such is reality tv...

I watched the final episode, sure that I would be just as disappointed that I had allowed myself to become invested in this show. Positive I would watch sweet, warm and fun loving Natalie wipe away tears while watching Marissa's conniving little behind walk away with Jack.

Only I was thoroughly pleased to watch as JAck said goodbye to Marissa and welcomed Natalie into his life with open arms.

I clicked off the tv and decided I wouldn't watch any news reports about the show for a while, because it was a happy ending and as any romance reader knows, we love happy endings. I didn't want the news about their breakup to reach me. Afterall, that's the best part about fiction. Happy endings stay just that... happy.

So, as I was flipping the channels this evening, I noticed that on Fox Reality, their going to be showing Outback Jack the Wedding tomorrow. And I thought, "huh?" So, after a moment or two of surfing the net, I discovered that as a result of my "buried head in the sand" I totally missed that Vadim and Natalie got engaged last December and then wed this September. I'm also posting a picture of the happy couple.

Ahhhh, this is a lesson learned for me, Even in reality, happy endings do stay happy. Sometimes... I should have known. I have my own to prove it.


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