Saturday, October 22, 2005

Hero Worship...

Ms. Crusie recently posted a message about how she does collages before she writes. She makes them using pictures and small items that represent an image, person, feeling... in her story.

I'm not so advanced in my writing that I do collages, but I do collect pictures. You may note my virtual shopping expeditions two posts ago. I don't always get to write. Sometimes, it can be days or even a week between the times I get to pluck away. Then, I forget what the vision I had of a place or person was.

Sometimes even if I'm not away, I'll just up and change something without realizing it until I go back to edit. With my fist ms, the one I'm editing now, I found that I actually switched what my hero looked like half way through. Of course, it took me a while to write and I was having notions about my next story. Apparently my hero morphed into that one.

After this, I decided I needed to try and find pictures of my characters, the places they live, the cars they drive, the clothes they wear. This way I don't change his eye color mid way through. I do brief character worksheets, but they don't effect the image in my head.

So, I've gathered quite the database of "lifted" pictures from the internet. I have several from magazines, but I don't have them scanned. I figured I would share a number of my hero pictures, in hopes that they may help someone else out there.
(Warning: some of these pictures are not for the tame of heart)

The hero of the ms I'm editing is modeled (physically) after Michael Owen.

Beach volleyball anyone?

I LOVE Michael Schoeffling

Who doesn't love a fireman?

He's an artist, he's a model, he's a great hero!

Good Morning!

Saddle up cowboy!

Wes is yet another attractive rugby player!

You have any cuties to share? Share 'em. For now, I'm feeling mighty inspired... Guess I'll go write something. Just let me clean the drool off my keyboard.

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