Tuesday, October 25, 2005

It's Fall!!!

In case you haven't figured it out from previous posts, or you're new to my blog, I figure I should preface this blog by letting you know that I'm from the South. Really South.

So, our winters are approximately 4-5 weeks long. Most years, I wear shorts for Thanksgiving and Christmas. A dusting of snow closes all of our schools and causes every grocery store to sell out of bread and milk. Yes, I said dusting (you know, where you can still see the grass and there's nothing on the roads). Oh, pardon me. My Southern friends are correcting me. There "may be" black ice on bridges and overpasses. Dangerous stuff.

My bestfriend spent many years in Berlin, Germany as a child. Her first year here (our freshman year in HS) she was blown away when the schools closed at the threat of a dusting of snow. She laughingly explained that in Germany, you go to school as long as the snow isn't so high that the bus doors can't open.

Ok, in defense of our public officials, I wouldn't want to be on the road with half of my fellow state citizens if it snowed. They drive bad enough without any other potential impediment.

On to the real subject: Today, our high was in the 60's. That's cold for here. And it was wonderful!!! It made me so happy. For some that is their summer. To you, I say you should try 20 days straight of a heat index of 115. That's summer. In comparison, 60 is freezing. For those who are internationals, I'm speaking in farenheight. I'd convert, but I lost that skill shortly after graduation. Sorry.

So, finally fall has reached us and it's great. Now, I realize that this doesn't mean it won't be 80 on Christmas like it was last year or the year before. But for just this week, it's cold and that's enough.

Ahhh, I'm off to enjoy the chill on my hammock swing.


Anonymous said...

Isn't cool weather the best? Loved the eye candy earlier in the week, by the way!


SonSon said...

Very good post. Boy do you have the snow situation in the South tagged right! My brother used to live in Dallas area Texas. I couldn't believe it when businesses closed for a light snow! We used to joke about it all the time (my brother grew up in the midwest, where the rest of the family still lives). We also came to the same conclusion that we would NOT want to be on the roads with fellow Dallasians (new word) in anything less than normal driving conditions. If a fly can fit between two bumpers on the George Bush then sure as shootin someone will think that's ample room to merge. LOL, thanks for the opportunity to dwell on some good memories.