Saturday, October 01, 2005

I got kinks, but I'm working...

All right, there are a few kinks I need to work out with my coding. I try. I swear that I try. The title up above is supposed to be this real pretty glowy title. Only it isn't right now. I'm working on it.

But not right now. Right now I'm working on my revisions. I've been working on them ALL day! Yup! It's been really nice. My dear husband who doesn't really mean to be a distraction, but simply can't help but be one when he's yelling at the football players on the screen, had to work today. All day. In fact, he left at noon and it's now almost 3AM and he just called to say he'd be home soon.

His company put on a music festival today and since until recently he was in a band that was well known in our region, he was of course put in charge of many of the duties. So, he went to sleep stressed, woke up stressed, and sounded really relieved when he called earlier.

In his place, this fellow has been keeping me company:

No, Michael Owen is not actually in my house. He's still happily married and living in the UK with his lovely wife and daughter.

But his image happily flashes across my computer screen anytime I want.

This is fine with my husband, because I was revising my ms today, you see and my husband is terribly afraid I'm going to put him in a book. Although it's not like they're getting published tomorrow, so I'm not sure what his big fear is.

Anyways, the revisions are coming along beautifully. Well, except that my hero and heroine keep fighting about who's POV I should be in at each point. Goodness gracious, I've never seen two people so eager to have their thoughts tossed out there for all and sundry to see.

Oh, I got back my Jasmine contest entry today. I didn't final, but I didn't do too bad either. What's best is that I got some really great input from the judges. it couldn't have come at a better time since I'm already revising.

Okay, that's all the computer screen time my eyes can take for one day. I'm off to night-night land. Tomorrow I'm headed to church with my mother and then we're going to have some mother-daughter bonding time while my husband catches up on his rest.


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