Friday, September 30, 2005

It's me. Look at what I did...

Do you remember saying that a gazillion times as a kid? How about it's better known and even more obnoxious cousin, "look at me, look at me!" Well, I'm sure I said it plenty of times as a kid. However, now I'm saying it as an adult.

I just couldn't get a handle on the very structured looking dot mofif I had going on, so I went on a cruise of the www and found an amazing blog template designer by the name of Caz. Using one of her templates I made myself a brand spanking new looking blog. I'm thankful for the beginners html book I read this summer, because it did require a little bit of html (just enough to make me feel really smart) to make it work with my stuff. But looky now, I got me a new blog.

If you'd like to get yourself a spanking new looking blog or talk to Caz about designing one especially for you. Click on her link under my "links" section.

This is what happens when I can't log in to post a blog for 24 hrs because blogger is down and I have to stare at those dumb dots. Ha! Bye bye dumb dots!


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