Thursday, September 01, 2005

Game Day

I live in a city where College Football reigns supreme! And today is the first game of our season. We have a brand new coach who is a really big deal in the college football world (of course so was our last one, but it didn't make a big difference, sorry Lou) - I've probably just given away where I live if any of you are college football followers, but oh well.

Our team really isn't that great, but we have a stadium larger than many NFL stadiums, that regularly sells out. We obviously take out football serious here.

Anyways, the opening game is getting ready to start. ESPN is hosting game day from our game. Although I'm watching from home while my dear husband goes to the game with his brother, dad, and his cherished media pass, I can feel the ecitement.

I guess you have to experience it to understand, but our entire city gets buzzed with game day excitement. People fly flags and spend all day tailgating before games. It's a great break from all of the sad news lately. It's also a great distraction - I mean break from writing.

Well, kickoff is in 9 minutes, so I'm off to avoid writing - I mean cheer on my team!


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