Monday, September 26, 2005

Meetings and Greetings

I've been bad, in that I didn't get any writing done this weekend. But I have some really great excuses. Really!

On Friday, a really great friend of mine released his cd, so we had to go and support him. You did great, Joshua! Then, on Saturday I had a meeting with my RWA chapter. We had Sabrina Jeffries as our guest. She did a great job of helping us learn how to really figure out who our characters are before we sit down to write.

I know, some people are saying, "you don't know who your characters are before you sit down to write?" The answer is yes and no. I know general info, and I thought I knew specific, but I find that in the first 3-4 chapters they change on me because I'm really discovering who they are. So hopefully some of the exercises and resources she gave us will help me to learn more about them up front and save me some frustration later on.

After our meeting a few of us went out to dinner with her. It was nice because I got to learn a lot more about the "business" side of writing. I have to recommend that those of you who are unpublished, like me, and looking for a good resource for info, join RWA and then join a local chapter. You really do get some great info and great contacts out of it. I also highly recommend getting involved.

On Sunday, well... My chapter is 2 hours away, so I went to bed late Friday, got up really early Saturday drove 2 hours there, then drove 2 hours home and got home really late Saturday. So, on Sunday I slept. Then I didn't do much of anything else. I was really tired. Really!

Okay, I'm gonna go back and do some day-work. Then, tonight, I'm gonna write, write, write. Oh, yeah, and wait, wait, wait. ;-)


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