Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Maybe It Isn't The Bacteria...

So, I went to visit Super Keith yesterday. Only Super Keith wasn't there, so instead I got to see Captain Russell. He's a lot like SUper Keith except he wears a mask with his uniform.

Any who, Captain Russell decided that maybe it isn't the bacteria after all. Maybe I just have an inflamed respiratory system. So, now I'm on all sorts of medications. One makes me sleepy. One makes my really jumpy and the others help me to breath just a little. I feel like I'm Manic. Tired, wired, tired, wired, tired, wired...

On to bigger and better things. I'm working on wrapping up my revisions so I can get my ms in the mail! It'll happen. Soon.

However, I have to put the ms on hold starting Friday because I'm off to a writer's retreat. I'm so excited. It's my first. It's being held at a beach mansion and there's going to be a lot of amazing people there! I'm really excited. Or it could be the medicine. Who knows?

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Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon!