Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I'm Confirmed...

For a two thrity flight to Chicago.

Ok, I'm not going to Chicago, but those words just sounded like what should come next.

Actually, I'm confirmed for something much better. Yup, it's official, I received my confirmation post card in the mail yesterday telling me that Toronto has received my submission.

And now? Now I am going to patiently wait while they review my work. I may even have some tea. Yeah right, that's not going to happen.

Now I am going to chew each of my nails until they look like ragged shark teeth. Now I am going to tug on my hair until balls of it come out of my head. Now I am going to go eat a gallon of chocolate to compensate for the anxiety I'm feeling.

You know, they need bumper stickers for cars that say "Warning: writer waiting to hear from publisher on board". This way the other drivers have some clue as to why I accidentally drive off the road when I call home to see if the mail has come yet. After all, I can't wait the 10 minutes it takes me to get home to see. Can I? And if I did wait, then it would explain why I'm weaving like a wacko in and out of traffic to get around them.

Hmmm... I may have to look in to getting some of those produced.



Laura said...

Keep yourself busy. Write something new. Start a new, non-writing project...anything to get your mind off that sub. The waiting is agony, I know, but good things come to those who wait, right? (Eh, it's a long shot!)

PS Love the blog design.

April said...

Thanks for the advice and the compliments!

Just keep supplying that new inspiration blog you have, Miss I Just Sold! Congrats again!