Friday, November 18, 2005

Taking A Break & Bashing Some Heads...

This is THE weekend. THE weekend of THE game. In South Carolina, we love our college football. Some say that's funny because we are not notorious for having a really great football team. But we love them just the same.

There's a very heated in-state rivalry between the University of South Carolina Gamecocks (Yay!!!) and the Clemson Tigers (Booo!). The game between those two teams is this weekend.

I have to take a moment and toot the Gamecock horn. We've done well this season in my humble opinion. Despite a rocky start, our brand new coach, Steve Spurrier, has coached a young and inexperienced team to victories over both Tennessee and Florida. The last time we beat Florida was in 1939. So, you can see why we're excited.

Despite the usual genteel demeanor of South Carolinians, for this one weekend each year, it's brother against brother, friend against friend, and even wife against husband as these two teams come together for their annual battle. Last year, the contention was so high between the teams that a scuffle broke out and cost both programs their bowl game appearances.

Both teams are again bowl eligible. However, I don't anticipate any problems occurring to prevent their going this year. They want it too much.

So, I will be rushing home from my RWA chapter meeting on Saturday to meet with my friends (Carolina and Clemson fans alike) for a few hours of yelling at the tv, at refs, and at each other (there's bound to be heckling). I won't get a lot of writing done, but hopefully it'll be a great weekend just the same! Go Gamecocks!!

To all of you whose teams will be playing their rivals this weekend, I wish your team a successful weekend (unless you're a Clemson fan--sorry Sara).


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