Monday, November 07, 2005

Information Overload...

I'm back from my trip. What a trip it was! I got to meet some really amazing people while learning some great techniques and exercises to get me deeper into my story and my character's heads. Of course my husband says I'm out of my own too often as it is.

Sadly, I feel like all I learned is buzzing around in my little brain, trying to find a file drawer it can fit in to. Only all my drawers seem full and the little wings on the info are bumping into each other, so instead of nice, neat organizastion, my mind is a jumbled mess. At least I have a great excuse.

Well, now I'm going to take a "creative nap" at least that's what Diane Chamberlain told me they were. Doesn't that sound great? "No, dear... I am not being lazy. I'm taking a creative nap." They do work, so I can't fault her there!


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