Thursday, November 17, 2005

Off It Goes...

Like a proud mother, I watched as my query was sealed, stamped and sent off into the big wide world. (sniffle)

Of course, this was after I had finally obtained what I needed from my handy dandy, but not really brilliant postal worker. I marched right in and stepped up to the counter. Then I said, "I need 12 International Reply Coupons and postage for this package, please." The postal worker's eyes glazed and he murmured, "International Reply..." as he turned and headed into the back of the office.

Ten minutes later he returned with my IRCs and after another 10 minutes spent figuring out how to ring them up, I was sealing my envelope and popping my submission into the mail. Yay!

So, now I get to wait. Hmmm... I don't really like waiting. Guess I better get over that. Huh?

Well then, I guess it's back to my other wip. Which, by the way, got completely changed in my head while I worked on my revisions of the first one. So, now I guess I'm starting just about from scratch.

I'll start that tomorrow. I deserve a break for today. I think.


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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting it off!