Thursday, December 01, 2005

Here I Go...

Ever feel like you're slipping down the rabbit hole? Well, on various occassions I do and beginning a new ms is one of those occassions.

Given that it's Christmas time, I'm not sure how fast this is going to go at the beginning, but hopefully once the holidays are behind me, things will speed up. I promise to continue blogging. I'll try to post fun things so that I can have a break and you can too!

Here's a first:

To which race of Middle Earth do you belong?
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Ok, since it's Dec. 1, I have to include something about Christmas too!

I hope you enjoyed that. Well, wave bye bye. I'm chucking myself down into no mans land where little cakes can make you a giant or a mini-me. Where strange men in big hats, with wild hair host tea parties. Where big kitties disappear in thin air, but leave their big white teeth gleeming. Hmmm... Maybe I should consider putting this off for a while. That sounds scary. Oh, pooo, there's the procrastination bug again. I'm not giving into that. No way!



Lisa Ahne said...

Hi there, I found your site through eharlequin!
I just wanted to tell you about my new online magazine. It's called Arkansas Only! Its for Arkansas and about Arkansas. There is more there than just stuff for Arkansans, though. Please check it out. We are having a Short Story Contest this month, and the winner gets a $50 gift card and their story published in next months issue of Arkansas Only!

Please check it out and tell me what you think.

April said...

Thanks, Lisa. I'll have to stop by. My father in law is from Arkansas and my hubby lived there for a while as a child after he came home from Germany.

Thanks for the tidbit on the short story contest too!