Monday, December 19, 2005

The Crazies Are Loose!

I've been running around in the realm of the insane today... Week before Christmas, Christmas shoppers. Whew!

As a result of my exploits today, I have come to a very significant conclusion... People are NUTS. N-U-T-S. Maybe I'm not aggressive enough, I don't know. But people honk their horns sitting at red lights and it makes me wonder if they think there are magical little elfs in the stop lights that will hear their honk and change the light. That would be great if it worked that way, but I don't think it does. Does it?

I've come to another conclusion. I love kids, but teenagers really annoy me sometimes. There were tons of groups of teenagers in our mall. Maybe they're there all the time and I just don't know it because I rarely go there, but they were certainly there today. And they just stand there, right in the middle of the crowded walk way and make exclamations such as, "Oh my gaw, did you hear what Suzi said to Megan? I was like, oh my gaw!" I thought people stopped talking like that when Victoria Jackson started doing that impression on Saturday Night Live. Is the 80's back even bigger than just in fashion and music? Are teenagers actually talking like valley girls? Or did they always and I just fooled myself into thinking I didn't? Oh I hope I didn't.

So, while I'm weaving in and out of clusters of teenagers, many of whom needed to put on a bit more clothing. This is winter, people. And it's a mall not the beach. Even in the South, it's too cold for an ultra-mini mini-skirt.

Now I'm making myself feel old. But seriously, I don't want to see a 13 year-old girls panties flashing me as I walk behind her. That's too much. Really.

Ok, I'll stop the complaining. I actually got a lot done today, so I'm proud of myself. Now I have to wrap. So, off I go to wrap wrap wrap. Tomorrow I'm heading out to help hubby get a gift for his mom.

If you have shopping left to do, I wish you luck and few teenagers and if there are teenagers, that they be fully clothed and not talking like a stereotypical 80's kid.

Here's another quick, fun Christmas quiz.

Your Elf Name Is...

Holly Snow Bunny

aka April


Mirtika said...

I'm Candy Stocking Stuffer. And she's cross-eyed. Sigh.


April said...

The first time I did it I got Sassy Snow Bunny and it was the crosseyed girl. But I accidentally closed the window... Oops... and when I went back this one was the one I got.

Some accidents are happy accidents ;-)