Thursday, December 15, 2005

Pops-In-Law's Recovery Discovery...

Well, it looks like my precious pops-in-law will be sprung from the hospital tomorrow. Thankfully! He was going nuts with wanting out. Of course, when you hear what they discovered today, you may better understand his frustration.

Today, the doctor at the hospital discovered what caused my father-in-law's blood sugar to shoot up to 809, a ridiculous figure that could cause coma or sudden death. The reason that he's been in the hospital since Saturday, and being pumped full of insulin and various other meds.

And the reason is... drum roll please... The endocrinologist who prescribed my father in law's new medicine is apparently dyslexic. He got his numbers reversed and instead of taking 90mg of his meds, he was taking 10mg. The number of times per day he was to take it was off too, so he was getting seriously less medicine than what he was supposed to get.

Thanks to Mr. Doctor's number screw up, pops has been hospitalized for almost a week, poked, prodded, forced to lie in an uncomfy bed, and felt all around icky. Not to mention the NEAR DEATH issue.

I love doctors, they have my utmost respect and admiration. What they do is tough and what they go through to be able to do it is tough. But please, please please, take a second look at prescriptions you fill out. Just think of it like you're a carpenter, measure twice, cut once: multiply twice, doctor's visit once? You get the point.

At least in the end, we're Blessed with the fact that he is recovering and it looks like he's going to be fine. Well, stuck with a hefty hospital bill... but in relatively good health at least. That's what's important.


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