Monday, December 26, 2005

The Christmas Come Down...

Christmas is sort of like a drug. At least in my imagination it is. I'll confess to not being "experienced" as far as the subject goes. But it seems to me that the emotions that are brought out at Christmas may be similar. There's this build up in which some people experience a "high" of sorts, a pinnacle and then there's the day after... The come down.

I went with my hubby to exchange a couple of items today. It wasn't as horrific at the stores as I thought it would be. Other than for that, we have been vegetables. Which has been sort of nice, because I feel like I've just been through a whirlwind.

So, now I'm recovering. I dreamed another story last night and it's really calling to me, so I think I may do a little preliminary work on it before I go to bed. Hubby is playing his new video games, so it's either do this or watch his game. Not the best entertainment. What ever happened to Mario Brothers? Also, does anyone out there know if old Gameboy Advanced games work in the NEW Gameboy Advance SP? I'd really like to know.

Hope everyone has recovered from all of the excitement and activities!



Mirtika said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS (late) and HAPPY NEW YEAR (early), Miss April.

As far as the gameboy--don't know. But what I'd do is mosey over to, the games section, and read what comments and reviews are under the new gameboy. I've noticed over the years that some reviewers will mention things like compatibility after changes on certain products. (Even books, when revised editions come out.)

Reviews online of Gameboy Advance SP may also mention the compatibility issue.


April said...

Thanks for the tip! Hope you have a happy new year too, Mir!