Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Getting Nothing Done...

This is my list of all the stuff I have NOT gotten done:

*Finishing the wrapping

*More writing

*Any reading

*Plans made for Christmas day. Who knows where we'll go or when?

*The office picked up, so that I can wrap the "bigger" presents. There's too much crap in the floor.

*Any number of projects for work. Thank goodness I got our "Merry Christmas" ad into the paper in the nick of time.

*The remainder of our Christmas cards mailed.

*Watching the movies we borrowed from our friends around Thanksgiving.

*My car cleaned out. The flowers we used to take my bridal portraits in April are still in there. Not to mention 6 gallons of paint... Don't ask.

Hmmm... What else can I list here in an effort to put off doing what I'm listing here? Maybe tomorrow, just for fun, I will list for you all of the items on my desk. Maybe I should try cleaning it a little first so that I'm not listing stuff all day.



Mirtika said...

Oh, you and me both.

I started my shopping in September, thinking, "Whoa, I'm so cool. I'll be done before Thanksgiving."

Um. No. Still have last minute stuff I've put off.

And I mailed THREE CARDS. Yes, THREE. The rest of them are on my desk, stampless, cause I forgot to get stamps. So, it looks like I'll be HANDING THEM personally out on Christmas. HAH.

I haven't even browsed cooking books and mags for nice Christmas appetizers (I got tagged for appetizers this year, yipppeeee.)

And I've written very little fiction. I so suck.

April, let's resolve to write more in January, ok?


Anonymous said...

Don't worry. I have a long "to do" list as well. It is that season after all.


April said...

I'm with you, Mir!

And a small hint on the appetizers: They make these cute little quiches that you can buy in the frozen food section and if you heat them the longer way (aka not in the microwave) they even taste homemade. Works great in a pinch!

See, at least I'm learning to manage my uinability to manage my time.