Monday, December 05, 2005

Look Ma, no hands... Or eyes...

I can't see my blog. Hope you can. No, I'm not blind, I'm not even so near sighted that I can't see my computer screen. For some reason I'm just technically challenged today.

I tried to access my email at work and couldn't, even though I stated my user name and password outloud just to reitterate to myself that my brain and hands were functioning in accordance with each other.

Now I can't get to come up. I even went somewhere on the web where there's a link and clicked the link to ensure I was entering the correct address.

I can get into the dashboard part, so I can post, but I can't see my posts and that's just sad. Plus, I'm getting attached to "Happy" my little virtual pet. He needs me, Mr. Blogger. Won't you let me see him?

Well I guess I'll go see if I can open my ms. Maybe I shouldn't...


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