Saturday, December 31, 2005

Preparing For New Year's...

I'm finally recovered and so I'm finally thinking about what to do for New Year's and I just realized that New Year's eve is tomorrow. Whoops! Guess it slipped up on me.

My hubby used to play in a band. He's a bass player from a long line of bass players. He plays both upright and electric and all sorts of music, from classical to jazz and rock and funk and you name it, he can play it! But the band he was in was a rock band. Normal rock, not that screaming, shake your head till your brain dead stuff. Just normal American rock and roll. Anyway, for the past 5 years, his band was big stuff in our region, so they always had a New Year's eve show. So, this is the first year we've really had to make plans.

So today, our telephone starts ringing. It's as if all of our friends suddenly realized that there was no plan for New Year's either. A few thought they may have people over and a few decided to go out of town with family. But I think Matt and I are going to just have a relaxing evening at home together. Are we a married couple yet, or what?

It's just that I'm still recovering (I ate a whole hamburger today. And yes, I know that wasn't a healthy choice, but I really wanted it) and we're going out to lunch with my family for my sister's birthday so I think we'll end up having a quiet evening. And you know what, right now that sounds really good to me.

Whatever your plans are, I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful New Year's!

If you get some spare time, let me know what your plans are/were and how they went!


PS I'm still thinking about my resolutions, so check back for that :>)

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