Sunday, August 06, 2006

Getting Clear...

I spent last week getting clear. I milled over what I learned at nationals and what Sheila Hodgson had said to me about my story. At times I even agonized.

But I decided to give myself some time to get clear on things and to figure out what I needed to do to get my submission in shape to send off.

Late in the week, a kernel of an idea came to me. Then, last night I went to an event with hubby and my best friend and her hubby. It was called "Brew at the Zoo" and it was a load of fun.

It was a beer tasting event at our zoo. They had brew houses from all over there. When we went to the Budweiser building they were playing the Real Me of Genius commercials over and over and over, back to back and I thought of Julie S who once blogged about her fondness for those commercials.

We made our way around all of the tents, with our little sampling glasses. Then, through the thick tropical foliage of the African Safari camp, came the bright lights of the microbrews. And boy were there a lot of them. And boy did we sample.

Along about the twelfth sample, we used small sampling glasses, mind you, it came to me. The solution to the crux of the problem with my story. And I considered jumping up and down and shouting hooray! But then I realized I needed at least twelve more samples to do that and I was too lazy to stand in line anymore. We were hot and the humidity was near 100% thanks to an earlier storm.

So we came home and I slept on my idea and woke up and low and behold, the idea still had grand merit. So I emailed it my cp who thought it was a grand idea!

Now that I'm clear on what I need to do, I just need to do it. Argh. I knew there was a down side too all this revelation!

I found clarification while downing a tablespoon of Shiner Blonde. I know this isn't unique to me. So what about you? When and where have you found clarification on a story you were working on? Any special tricks for getting it to come along faster?



Karen Erickson said...

That's a great story - sampling beers inspired you April! Gotta love that! ;)

A magazine article recently had me revamp a first chapter on a previous (still piece of crap) ms. That was truly a light bulb moment. And that's the only one I can think of right now cos it's late and my brain is a little fried...

Good luck w/ your ms/submission. Sounds like you're on the right track!

Nicole Reising said...

Oh April I'm soooo excited for you! And since I've already started to read through your edits... I can firmly say you've hit the mark - at least to my 'readers' mind! *grin* Way to go!


Emma Sinclair said...

Note to self: Sample more beer!

Thanks for the tip April! And good luck with your fixes.

Stephanie Bose said...

Uh oh, April, you've fallen into the sterotypical writer's pit -- using alcohol to bring on the muse!

Just kiddin. Glad to hear you've found the solution to the problem. It's the fixing it that's so darn work-intensive. But you can do it!

Julie S said...

LOL What a great day you had! And you got to listen MY commercials?! So jealous!

I'm convinced that one day I'll find inspiration for a hero in one of those jingles!

I can't drink like I used to. It makes me tired and gives me a headache. That is the primary reason I haven't used alcohol to fight writers block. Sad. So, I sit and stare. Eventually something will come to me.

Stacy Dawn said...

LOL on ispiration in beer.

The car seems to be my ispiration zone...not necessarily a good thing in a moving vehicle when I get excited about it LOL.

Liz Fielding said...

And the moral of this story is ... beer samples are good for the brain? Yeast leavens a plot? Visit your local zoo?

Great story, April!

Shelli Stevens said...

Lately clarification has been coming through brainstorming with other writers. Hashing it out for an hour and realizing what will and will not work.

April said...

I promise I don't drink THAT much! :-) But hey, when inspiration strikes... you gotta grab it!

Lyn Cash said...

Fall weather is always a boost for me - something about it carries that springtime 'let's set new goals' mood or something. You still look great, but I hear you and support you from a distance. You can do this. *wink*

I don't have a husband who tells me I still look great - I have a son who tells me when I don't look healthy - lol. So he, plus the diabetes and a real heifer of a doctor keep me on my toes.

Again, ALL the best, honey. You can do this, and you have a great support system.