Friday, September 15, 2006

Early Obsessions...

I had to go to an office supply store today. We needed those little dots you put on folded paper to keep them closed while they're in the mail. While picking those up, I also got a box of pens.

When I got back to the office, I handed over the dots and took the pens with me. I should probably note here, that my mother and sister both work in the same office with me. It's a family real estate business. Anyway, I happily went to my office and ripped into my box of brand new pens, not even noticing my mother following me.

When she saw what I had, she just shook her head and said, "Why am I surprised?"

I looked up from my glee and asked, "What? I just got some pens."

She gave me an indulgent smile and said, "You always have to have pens."

Since this remark resembled a Rain Man phrase to me, I of course immediately started to defend my purchase. "But I was out of black pens."

"You could have just gotten one out of the supply drawer," she reasoned.

What could I say? There are pens in the drawer, but they aren't these pens? Before I could answer, she pointed at one of the TWO pen holders on my desk. The one with my... novelty pens. There's a Tigger, a Mickey that lights up when you press down, a zany pink fuzzy guy on a spring and a big pink feathery pen. Oh yeah... and the red and white candy stripped double tipped pencil I stole from her last week. "You just like pens."

"Well, you always need a pen, right?"

She smiled. "Yeah, but you don't need the tub full you have at home." Did I mention I have a small... ok, 16"x16" tub o'pens at home. All sorts of neat pens and pencils there.

I guess she saw the defenses rising, because she sat down and her smile turned indulgent and she said, "Ever since you could first hold a writing instrument, you've been obsessed with them. When we'd go to the store and other kids had to have a toy, all you wanted was a neat pencil or pen, which was usually in the budget. I thought it was cute, I'm not criticizing."

Feeling somewhat vindicated, I twirled the new pen in my hand and said, "I just like them...."

Her reply was, "I guess it was an early indication of your writing desires."

That hit me like a brick. Because when someone learns I write, invariably, the question of how long I've been doing it comes up and I always hem haw around it. Usually I answer... "I've been seeking publication for two years." Because I've been writing forever, but not necessarily for a purpose other than to read my own dribble.

While I knew I had the desire to story tell in me, I didn't realize I had outward indications of those desires. And it was neat to discover one.

Did you have indications of your desire to write before you actually started doing it?


EDITED TO ADD: Big congratulations to Michelle Willingham who got THE CALL today. She's worked very hard to get here and it's a delight to see it happen! Visit her blog and read her story and congratulate her!


Shelli Stevens said...

I used to love those 'Choose your own adventure books' I have a feeling that was my sign! LOL.

Emma Sinclair said...

I love pens. My husband won't really let me go to the office supply store anymore. Or the office supply aisle.

And like Shelli, I loved the choose your own adventure, too!

Nicole Reising said...

Quirky! ;) Love the pens April! Have a great weekend!


mary beth said...

LOL April. I've written for years! I started in junior high, but I never thought of actual publication. It was enough for me to write the continuation stories for my friends. The character's mother always died and there was always a romance. :-)
LOve the pens!

Karen Erickson said...

I love pens too. I love office supplies in general. I don't go into those stores much cos I'll buy a bunch of stuff I'll never use.

Early indicators? I made up newspapers on my grandma's old typewriter, I used to tell stories to my cousins, I wrote really bad love stories w/ Duran Duran in them for my friends to read...I've been writing forever. :)

Michelle said...

Thank you so much, April! I have no doubt that it will happen for you SOON!!! :)

Julie S said...

I love all office supplies, pens included. But I have a serious addiction to binder clips.

Early indicators? The constant daydreaming. Making up fake people beyond the age of five. General flakey stuff :-)

Stacy Dawn said...

I LOVE pens, paper, notebooks anything like that. Yeah, when I really think back, though I didn't write anything down, I've been making up stories forever

Lis said...

Those are such cute pens!
I'm a pen addict as well. Especially gel pens. I love the packs you can get at costco, they're up to 80 some pens.

I think the early signs for me was the pens as well and in grade 3 if we had free time we were supposed to grab our writing folder to write in. Mine was the biggest at the end of the year

Olga said...

Those are some cute pens, April! And your love for pens must be an indication of your writing desires indeed. I hope your dream will come true soon!

Lyn Cash said...

Oh, I love those pens! (And love the new digs, April!!!)