Monday, September 04, 2006

Look Mom, No Net!

It's a holiday weekend here in the US and my first thought was... Maybe I'll get a lot of writing done. Then, Saturday I got my hair cut, went ice skating with my nephew (didn't fall once), had drinks with some girlfriends and then came home and flipped open the laptop thinking I would do a little critiquing and then do some writing. Maybe even some surfing on the side.

Only I discovered there was a "failure to launch" with my modem. And I thought... What in the world? Turns out our DSL was down. Phone worked fine, but DSL was a no-go. So surfing was struck and thanks to my slackness, so was critiquing because I hadn't downloaded the file yet. Real smart, I know.

What was I left with? That's right... writing. I considered shutting off the computer and doing some reading. I mean how can I write if I can't look up something on the web when I need to? I can't! Only I discovered I could. I could very well in fact. So well that I wrote over 6000 words. I'm now at over 19000 words and flying strong.

Maybe this is a sign to me. Maybe I need to shut off the net more often. I missed getting to IM my cp when I had a question about a tweak. And I would catch myself trying to open messenger or aol messenger to see if she was on and then it would try to connect and spit all sorts of ugly phrases back at me. Something about attempting an illegal operation. Who knew messenger got so fussy when there was no internet connection. Stupid maybe, but illegal? Not quite.

But maybe now that my internet is back up, I need to open messenger and leave my browser shut. It'll be hard. Very hard. But I think I can do. In fact, if it means I'll write 6000 words, I KNOW I can do it. Sometimes.

Either way, it's past midnight and apparently my DSL is back to working because I can finally log into the net. Yay! Only now I'm sleepy. So hopefully I'll get some critiquing done tomorrow after the family festivities.

How'd your weekend go? Get much done?



Emma Sinclair said...

I didn't get a darn thing done, but that was mostly on purpose!

Yay for going unplugged though. Isn't it amasing the things you're forced to do when you can't go online?!?!

Sue aka MsCreativity said...

6,000 words :-o!! WTG April. It is hard to turn the internet off, but it has its rewards, doesn't it?!
I've had my first good writing day in ages today - nothing like 6K though...

Julie S said...

Wow, now I feel like a slacker. I was patting myself on the back for my 3K yesterday. But I deleted a lot too :-)

WTG on all the progress!

Karen Erickson said...

Awesome, April! 6k words is great - that internet is evil, I'm tellin' ya. But man, when it's unavailable, I'm lost.

I wrote 2k words last night and had fun today at a water park. Kids had a blast. But now I'm sunburned and tired. Early bed night fer sure. :)

DJ said...

Whoo! Hoo! You go, Girl!

Stephanie Bose said...

I got a lot done, and I think it's mostly due to the fact that I moved my office downstairs where there is no Internet connection. If I need to do a piece of research, I run upstairs and do a quick check, but other than that, I'm downstairs writing and making great progress.

Keep truckin'!

Stacy Dawn said...

Good for you!!! I only managed 3500 over two days of the days as we were away on Monday.

You Rock!

Nicole Reising said...

I missed you too!!!! ;) What an awesome amount of writing you got done April! Maybe as your advising cp I should require this to happen more often! ;)

Have a great week!