Monday, March 26, 2007

I'm Writing I Promise...

Well, it happened just as I knew it would. My cp cracked the whip and got me writing again! Thanks, Cole!

Since she got home from her vacation, I was able to procrastinate another day or two, but by the third she had my number and was laying down the law.

Cole: What are you doing today?

Me: Oh, I'm extraordinarily busy.

Cole: With what?

Me: Oh, I have work... and then I've been SO tired so I need to go to bed early and... well, just all sorts of stuff. (Obviously I'm not very good at fudging)

Cole: Wow, that sounds really busy (she's not that gret at fudging either)

Me: Oh, it is! (Yeah, I'm not quick on the uptake either)

Cole: Just a quick question. Have you thought maybe, just maybe you're... procrastinating?

Me: What!?! No way! I'm just SO busy. Really! But I'm not procrastinating. I've been "thinking" about the story and working on "plot problems."

Cole: Why don't we discuss them and maybe that will help.

Me: *grumble grumble grumle* Sure, that would be great!

And then something great happened. I realized... *gasp* I HAD been procrastinating. I know, who would have thought that? But more importantly I figured out WHY I had been doing it. There *gasp again* really was a plot problem which was holding me back and being the wonderful cp she is, Cole helped me to straighten out my issues. Well, not MY issues... That's a job no sane person would take on, but she helped me steer my way through my plot issues and I'm back on track! Woo Hoo!!!

Now I'm going to go reward myself by critiquing the next chapter she sent me.

So has your cp ever had to get your butt in gear?



Michelle Willingham said...

I think my own state of raw panic at the thought of missing a deadline keeps me in gear. :)

Good luck with the plot issues!

Cole said...

Oh April... you're too sweet to me - I think my words were a tad bit more harsh -- like "stop procrastinating! And get your butt in gear!" *grin*

I'm so happy your writing no matter why! I can't wait to share your world's with the rest of the world! :)


Sarah L. Catherine said...

Glad I'm not the only one with procrastination issues! I'm back at it this week, though -- forced myself to stay up late last night writing. It's the beginning of a new book, so it should be the most fun part once I just get back into it again. :)
Good luck!! What are you writing/targeting right now?

Emma Sinclair said...

But procrastination is so much fun!!!

Good luck getting your butt in gear.

April said...

Good luck with the deadlines, Michelle!

LOL, Cole... Harsh, you? Not possible. But the whip you cracked was pretty loud ;-)

Woo Hoo, Sarah! Glad to hear you jumping into something new. Can't wait to find out on your current sub! I'm writing a ST and I haven't decided yet where I'll target it, other than for being a contemp romance that is :o)

Too true, Emma! Thanks!