Wednesday, March 07, 2007

It's Been Forever...

Well, it has been forever since I posted. Except for my brief PSA at Word Flirts. You know what they say... When the cp is away, the writer will play. Well, I haven't been playing per se... But I haven't been writing either. And now Nicole is back and I have to get on the ball!

In my defense things were nuts while she was gone. Really! But one really great thing did happen, Nicole and family made a pit stop on their trip and we got to go to dinner together. We had a terrific time and it was really wonderful to finally see in person, the person who has helped bring my writing further than I could have imagined. Plus she has the sweetest most adorable family around! :-)

So now I need to get back at it. I'm working on shifting over some of the online class duties I do for my chapter. That will be a BIG load off. And I'm so thankful for the volunteers we have to help! This month is a transition month, so I've had a bit more to do there. But hopefully once our new volunteer has everything figured out, I will have a bit more time to write.

I did come up with a name for my heroine. I know that seems trivial, but I wasn't happy with it and her name just struck me one night. So see, I have been THINKING about writing :-D.

How about you? How much writing have you gotten done?



Emma Sinclair said...

Welcome Back!! You were missed!

Glad you had fun with Cole and her family and now Get Writing!

Cole said...

You are such a sweetie April! Thanks! We really had a great time with you guys!

But as your cp I see I need to start cracking that whip! What's that saying -- about 90% of the population 'thinks' about writing... only about 10% actually write what their thinking?

;) Hop to it sweetie! :)


Stacy Dawn said...

Oh how awesome that you two got to spend some face to face time together!!

Shelli Stevens said...

Hey April! Good to see you back :) Sounds like you had fun!

I've been writing an erotic sci fi, it's different for me. But I'm getting back into it after a couple days off.

Julie S said...

Welcome back!!!
I took a little break too. My mom was in town for a visit so I had zero time to write. I'm getting back to work this week though!

Olga said...

I'd love to meet my cp's in person! As for writing, not much here. I do think about it, too, if that counts!

Lyn Cash said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Speaking of time, if you've been running online stuff for your chapter, you're a saint. I just taught my 1st online course, and if not for the moderator who set it up (it was for Heart of Dixie RWA, and her name was Marilyn)...I'd have been screwed. When it works, I guess, it really works. Lord love people like you and her.

Write? What's that? I've made out grocery lists and jotted down a few dreams - lol. Other than that, not a heckuva lot the past month. Have to get busy.

Sarah L. Catherine said...

Hey April! I've had my head buried in the sand somewhere doing other things for a few weeks -- finally back to writing this week. Taking a business trip tomorrow and have the Alpha Smart ready to travel along. We'll see! :)