Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Finding Time...

Well, much like everyone else, things have been nuts for me lately. Business got busy, life got busy, hubby and I are celebrating our two year anniversary and of course, my writing suffers.

I'm at 18,250 words on my wip. Which isn't bad. But it isn't great either for as long as I've been working on it. But something really funny happened last night. Hubby used to groan when I would skip watching tv with him to go write. But last night as we sat eating dinner on the second anniversary of our wedding, he asked, "So where are you at with the book?"

I replied, "I'm at 18,000 words."

He rolled his eyes, "I mean where as in what part of the story."

"Oh, they're on the date from hell."

His forehead wrinkled with confusion. "That's where you were over a week ago when I asked."

I sipped on my margarita before replying. "I know. I asked you how I can totally ruin the date and you said you'd get back to me, but you didn't, so I'm still there." Okay, that wasn't totally truthful. I did ask, he did say that, but I have worked on it since then. I just haven't made it through the scene. I have thankfully gotten them to quit acting like they're in heat. Well, sort of. But hubby didn't need to know that.

He of course rolled his eyes again. Men are so predictable sometimes. "Well, why didn't you ask again?"

"You were busy... And so was I. Can we go to Barnes and Noble after dinner?" I have a triple track mind and we're going away for the weekend, so it wasn't a real anniversary celebration.

He grunted. His usual reply to going to Barnes and Noble.


"Why don't you work on writing when we get home, so you can finish that book and buy it at Barnes and Noble?"

"Oh, I'd never do that. Do you know what sort of mark up they have? I could get my own book much cheaper."

Exasperated over my attempt at humor, he replied, "Not if you don't finish it."

He had me there. So here I am tonight typing away and working on finishing my wip. I doubt hubby would be taking such an interest in my finishing the story if he hadn't helped with the plotting. But whatever gets me excused from the couch is fine by me!

How about you? Anyone ever get exasperated with how much time you spend writing?



Lis said...

Happy anniversary!

Your writing sounds like mine. I've been stuck on various parts of the ms that will never end. I can't get past chapter 10 no matter how hard I try. And there's a date from hell in there too. Maybe that's the problem hehe
And I have been told I spend way too much time with my computer, and the fact I gave my laptop a name may have alarmed a few people lol

Tess Harrison said...

All the time. My dh has ups and downs though. But that sounds like one of our conversations. LOL!!

Suzanne said...

My kids do, when they want dinner and I'm on deadline, LOL!

Cole said...

Oh too funny! I love my hubby dearly! But I find myself sitting on the couch with him at times not because I want to but because I then avoid that 'why aren't you spending time with?'... cause I'm writing. :) We do pretty could striking a balance but... its hard when I want to write every night! :)

Good luck on your writing!

Dara Edmondson said...

Happy anniversary. My daughter sometimes gets tired of all the time I spend writing. In fact, she drew pictures a couple years ago - one of me sitting at the computer saying, "I'm working here." And one of DH on his recliner with ZZZZZ coming out of his mouth. I have those framed on the fridge!

Julie S said...

Happy Anniversary!
I have an unusual situation that I'm taking advantage of. Since my husband went back to school, he works mostly nights. So I write the nights he's working. It sucks that he's gone so much but I make the best of it by trying to be productive. On nights he's home I try to stay away from the computer. Unless he wants to watch sports.

mary beth said...

Happy Anniversary! What a great dh.

Karen Erickson said...

Happy Anniversary! I love to hear about these convos with your hubby - they crack me up. :)

Yes I spend too much time on the computer, writing, fooling around, whatever. Sometimes I have to force myself off. But I need to do this, you know? I'm trying to make a go of it so I have to devote some time. Just not ALL my time I guess. Sigh...

April said...

Thanks everyone for the Happy Anniversary wishes! Glad hubby and I can entertain SOMEONE :o)