Sunday, November 18, 2007

Does Anyone Smell Turkey?

Well, I know I've been a bad Blogger AGAIN! I am dreadfully sorry for that. My reasons for being such a terrible blogger will hopefully be better explained soon.

In the meantime, Thursday is Thanksgiving for those of us in the U.S. And this will be the first year hubby and I host Thanksgiving dinner at our house. We'll be hosting both of our families and possibly my sister's MIL. So there will be 11 or 12 of us (including a precocious 8 year-old)

My mother, lovely and wonderful person that she is, is bringing the turkey. I think it's because she's scared I can't cook one, but she says it's because she wants to help. She is the helper sort, so who knows... I still think I scare her. LOL! And my MIL is bringing dressing and pumpkin pies...

So that leaves sides (which run the gamut in our family) It seems no one likes the same thing and so there's always a bevy of sides. Mashed potatoes, corn, mac and cheese (for the nephew) and then the traditional biscuits and cranberry sauce. Then, half the family likes pumpkin pie, the other half coconut cake... So baking will need to be done...

And usually there's a fruit tray for appetizers... We're going to be up to our ears in food!

So here's my question. Really two... First, what is your BEST tip for hosting Thanksgiving (large quantities of alcohol excluded) and can you think of anything I've forgotten?

(who will try not to have a coronary this week. LOL!)

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Karen Erickson said...

Hmmm....well this year for the first time in 5 years I'm NOT hosting Thanksgiving and I'm thrilled! LOL

I say have lots of snackies on hand cos people like to eat while waiting for the main course! And try to coordinate so everything will be ready at once (in the chaos that sometimes does not happen for me, waaah). You have a lot of help though so you should be juuuuust fine. ;)

Happy Thanksgiving April!