Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Am I Crazy?

I think it's a very real possibility that I am going insane. Like hearing voices, wrapped in a white jacket and eating Fruit Loops for 3 meals a day-insane.

I think I have clothes for everyday of the conference. Let's hope, cause I'm pretty sure nudity is not permitted. Well, not appreciated if nothing else.

I know I have shoes. Because Lord help me, I have a pair of shoes for every possible life event. So there's one item off the list.

I got my agent appointment moved. Is it bad that the scaredie cat part of me thought... Oh well... guess I won't get to pitch to an agent, aw shucks. At least I won't pee my pants... And when it got changed, it said, Oh crap... Even though the logical part of my mind was overjoyed by it? See, hearing voices.

So I'm printing out all of my little notes and schedules and trying to keep myself on track.

Oh yeah, an author friend whom I love to bits a pieces offered me a very exciting opportunity to have lunch with a small goup of her friends, including several other published authors and editors and... this may have been the catalyst for the voices. But it is way too good of an opportunity to pass up! I can't share more, because then she'd have to kill me. But woo hoo!

So am I certifiably insane or just a regular old nut case? :-) Either way I hope you all are doing fabulously!



Sue aka MsCreativity said...

You're a writer, so of course you're all of the above - a crazy,insane, nutcase!

It's great to hear your agent appointment has been moved. And WOW, what an opportunity to go for lunch as well! I think you've now got to the point where you have to (I believe there's a book written about this?) 'feel the fear and do it anyway'.

Good luck and I'll be thinking of you. :-)

Michelle said...

Can't wait to meet you, April!! Hope you enjoy the conference. :)

Nicole Reising said...

Ah April I would totally agree with you that your going crazy if I hadn't thought you were already! *grin* Just kidding! You'll do great! I'm sure of it! I'm so jealous!!!! Your going to have so much fun! And just think... you're going to be surrounded by other 'crazy' people just like you! My dream come true!


Stacy Dawn said...

Or are you just giddy with excitement especially after the little news to hobknob with some published writers.

Come on, this event for a writer is like putting a kid in the middle of a candy store and saying "Have at it".

Enjoy the feelings, relish in the excitement and have yourself an absolutely fabulous time!!

mary beth said...

Neither. You're normal. :-)
Enjoy the experience and have fun with the pitches.

Emma Sinclair said...

Embrace the insantity!!!

Glad to hear you got the appt changed and HAVE FUN at the lunch!

Shelli Stevens said...

People don't eat Fruit Loops three times a day? Uh oh. I didn't get the memo.

You're not at all insane! In fact you're absolutely normal. I've got all those complexes. I have a seperate suitcase for my shoes. Outfits for everyday, plus some!

Good luck with your appointments! And how cool about the lunch invite!

Karen Erickson said...

Take a deep breath. You're going to be ok. You're going to have the time of your life! Truly! Enjoy it - remember those agents and editors are people just like you. They understand you're nervous, and they won't hold it against you. You'll be fine. Really.

How exciting about the lunch! What an opportunity. You're going to love hanging around like minded people - it's a wonderful thing to look in that large room where everyone has gathered and think "We ALL write romance!" Awesome.

You better share all the details. ;)

Julie S said...

You are so funny! It sounds like you're well prepared and you'll be dressed to the nines.

Olga said...

Best of luck on your pitch! And lunch sounds like a great opportunity!

Amanda Brice said...

I'm totally looking forward to the conference. I feel very unpreapred, though. Definitely need to get my butt in gear and get organized!

April said...

I'm so glad to hear that I may be a nut, but that's ok, because it makesme normal :-). And Stacy, you're right. I'm sure there's a healthy dose of giddy in there.

Michelle, I can't wait to meet you either. Are you going to the eharl presigning cocktail hour?

Stephanie Bose said...

I think you're forgetting an important point...


He he : )

Looking forward to meeting you next week, April. Think I'll wear a big sticker on my head that says Bosey so I'll be sure to meet my online friends!