Sunday, July 23, 2006

New Digs...

Let's hope the third time is a charm. Because for the third time, I have revamped my website. Check it out by clicking here.

The picture in the corner is fuzzy because I had trouble with the image. But my hubby is getting that straightened out for me.

Preparations for nationals are winding down. I needed to do laundry today, but I didn't. Why do now what I can put off till later, right?

We ordered a new computer for my hubby tonight. The mac he wants has just gone out of production. The new ones are compatible with pcs. He doesn't care for anything pc. Even though he sure cares for mine when he needs to surf the net.

Anyway, to make a short story long, because of his bias against pc, we had to order a used one. Which was great, because it meant we didn't have to pay the $2700 they're charging for the new ones!

We found a reputable retailer on ebay who had one that was still under manufacturer warranty. And since there were a lot of bidders, I convinced hubby to sit on his hands and wait to bid. And then, at the last minute (literally) I did what numerous bidders have cruelly done to me in the past. I swept in and out bid the highest bidder, leaving them 5 seconds to counter. So we won! I feel bad for the tactic, but hey... the next cheapest one we found was $300 more.

Here's the picture of it:

So, if all goes as it should, his new computer will be here within the week. And hopefully, that blooming graphic will be crisp by the time I get back from nationals.

Only 3 days!

How'd your weekend go? Do anything fun like cruelly out bidding an ebayer at the very last second?



Shelli Stevens said...

Hey all's fair in ebay and biddding war. Congrats on the new computer!! That's fabulous. And maybe I'll bump into some of you guys in Atlanta. Although i'm more siteseeing and going to parties, I think, then doing workshops. LOL.

Nicole Reising said...

Only three times for a website change? Girl.... I've done it so many times I've lost count!!!! When you can say that... *grin* I love the new look April!

Great job on the bidding war!

Have fun at the conference!

Stacy Dawn said...

It looks great!

Never had the pleasure...or displeasure of using ebay yet.

MaryF said...

Oh, cannot show my dh!!! Is that the Mac Book Pro? We want a Mac Book.

Julie S said...

Wow, nice website! Nice laptop too!

Olga said...

April, have fun at the conference! As for the tactic, don't feel bad. You're got a great laptop for a reasonable price! To be honest, I tried to use your tactic, too, but was just a little too late...

Karen Erickson said...

Yea on the outbidding! Did that last year on my used laptop. Swept in at the last minute on a hot Saturday night and got it for a song! Whoo-hoo!

I worked hard this weekend on various projects, and I got a lot done. That's why I'm blog hopping at 11:30 at night. :) My reward.

Emma Sinclair said...

The website is very cute! I like it a lot.

Have fun at the conference.

April said...

Yes, Mary... it's a dreaded... I mean, cherished MacBook pro. ;-). Hubby is practically salivating all over everything waiting for it to get here. Guess I know what he'll be up to while I'm gone.:-)

Thanks for all of the feedback on the site. And for letting me know I'm not a horrible person for swooping down on the ebay bid :-)