Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Revising Like It's 1999...

Ok, so I'm not a poet. I never claimed to be. But the words rhymed. And it's sort of what I'm doing. Thanks to the bestest cp ever, my revisions are coming along rather well!

Somehow along the way I added about 3000 words, but I figure some will get erased, so it'll all work out. And 4000 is within my goal range. Better to be over than under!

The big question here is: What time is it when I've gotten a lot done? That's right gang, reward time... So here's the reward for today:

It's the character who hoped in the car with us as we left TN. You know the same guy who was having "shorts" trouble a few posts ago. He's stopped bickering with the other guys. I think he accepted I have to finish revisions and I have a sneaking suspicion he convinced the hero of my suspense that he should go first. He's got that sort of power about him. Of course, he also has two older brothers to help with the "conniving". Now if only I could teach my characters how to give a good shoulder massage!

Tomorrow I'm going to work on getting my pitch for nationals down. Yikes!

How's your writing coming?



Nicole Reising said...

April I think I like to come to your blog just so I can see some yummy pictures first thing in the morning! :-)


Stacy Dawn said...

Niiiiiice reward! And yay on the revising!

Shelli Stevens said...

MAN! I keep forgetting that I actually have to PITCH at Nationals. I need to write something. LORD I suck!!!

That man is yuuummy.

Emma Sinclair said...

You're looking at that picture and thinking shoulder massage???

Karen Erickson said...

Hey, that's what's-his-name, the guy I had on my blog a while ago, too!

He has serious issues keeping his pants on. Serious. Not that I'm protesting...

My writing. Ugh. I finished editing my Halloween story. I think it's almost ready to send out. I need to get ready to write the next one. Huh. I feel a little stumped.

Amanda Brice said...

I need to work on my pitch too. Hopefully I'll get to it BEFORE the plane ride...

Julie S said...

Wah! I'm so jealous of everybody going to Nationals.

And what a yummy pic you found! Again! What are we going to do for eye candy while you're at Nationals?

Stephanie Bose said...

Good job on the revising!

My writing's not coming well at all, but I'm optimistic :)

Who are you pitching to at Nationals?


April said...

Glad I could offer... inspiration :-)

Good luck, Shelli!

LOL, Emma. I have to keep SOMETHING to myself, don't I? ;-)

That's him, Karen. Did you watch the video link I sent you?

Good luck, Amanda!

I promise not to leave you bereft, Julie :-)

Steph, you just got off your honeymoon, give yourself a break! :-) I'm pitching to Sheila Hodgson at M&B and Lucienne Diver at Spectrum

Tempest Knight said...

Now that's some eye candy! Maybe if I tempt my muses with something like that they'll cooperate and help me finish my lastest WIP.