Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It's Christmas Time...

As we speak, a cinnamon spice cake is cooling on top of our stove and the smell is making me crazy! I was working on a ginger bread house, but while it was "setting" the dog decided the icing mortar needed some work, so it had to be trashed. He never gets on the table. But I guess that icing was just too tempting.

The cake is for our office party tomorrow, so I won't get to eat it all by myself. But that's a good thing... For my diet.

I've put aside the wip temporarily to deal with the idea in my head. There's some issues I want to work out with the plot of the wip and I plan to work on that too, so I'm not putting it aside completely. And I'm not a habitual putter-asider, so hopefully I'm not starting a trend. But the other story is calling calling calling, and I can't ignore it any more.

Christmas shopping is ALMOST done. Woo Hoo!!

We decorate each year. I love Christmas decorating. But there's a limit to how much decorating I'll do. Last year a friend shared this with me and although I posted it last year, I thought I should share it again. It definately goes beyond my limit!

Wizards of Winter

Anyone know someone who decorates like that?



Nicole Reising said...

Ummm that sure sounds yummy! But not on my list of things to be eating either.. :(


Emma Sinclair said...

Wouldn't it be awful to live next to those people? I bet their neighbors hate them.

Enjoy your cake!! (Personally, that's why I'm making all the stuff I DON'T like first, saving the cookies to the last minute).

Anonymous said...

That was so obnoxious. I'm w/ Emma - I would hate to live next to these people.

My baking is going to start this weekend and into next week. I want some of it around at Christmas. If I do it too early I eat it all! LOL

Julie S said...

Seriously, those are neighbors from hell.

I am not doing any baking this year. I refuse. But I'll certainly partake in goodies others bake and share!

Good luck with the idea in your head! Gotta love those!

Michelle said...

I imagine the waitressing was stressful! Where did you work?