Tuesday, December 19, 2006

This computer is for an adult...

That's what my hubby said to me tonight. Actually, he said, "You only click once, remember, this computer was made for an adult." He was talking about his spiffy Mac Powerbook which to his despair I'm using at the moment to compose this post and happily double click away. :-)

I'm using hubby's single click Mac... Which I explained was set up for just single click because the owner was too simple minded to understand the concept of double click on a pc (all in good fun, of course)... because my poor little Toshiba's ballast/backlight has gone out. It could be due in part to my puppy dog who has been pretty determined to prevent me from writing lately. So determined, he paws my computer. And funny thing... all of a sudden a gliche arises. Argh!

So it's heading to Mr. Fix-It. Tomorrow hopefully. I read that it wasn't too costly and the symptoms are exactly what I'm experiencing. So let's pray it's easy and chea... oh yeah, and fast. That's what hubby is pryaing... that it's fast. I think he thinks I'm cursed and anything technical I touch won't work. I did ask him how to turn it on just to tease him and I looked at his wireless mouse like it was a foreign object brought back from Mars. That probably didn't raise his confidence in me too much, but it sure was entertaining to watch his reaction. Hmmm... I'm gonna go see what other fun I can get into.

If I don't get to check back in, I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and New Year! We're heading out of town the day after Christmas. We're going bowling! For those not into college football, it means we're headed to a bowl game. But I'll be back by the 1st!



Debby said...

Have a wonderfully merry Christmas, April. And remember: Macs rule!

Emma Sinclair said...

What Debby said about Macs ruling!!

Does his have two finger scrolling? That's my favorite part of my iBook. Mice (mouses) are for sissy's!! Lol!!

Have a Merry Christmas and have fun bowling!

Shelli Stevens said...

Happy holidays, April! Mac's confuse me, lol.

Cole said...

You love to tease your poor hubby don't you!??! ;) Have a merry Christmas!

Sue aka MsCreativity said...

Have a wonderful Christmas April, and a brilliant 2007!

Sue :-)

April said...

LOL, Debby! I knew that would get a rise out of you :-D

Emma, he house a woreless Mac Mouse... no finger scrolling though and it drives him nuts, so for Christmas he's getting one with four-way scrolling. He doesn't know it yet and hopefully he won't check back a these comments to see :-)

I'm with you, Shelli! I get lost too!

It's all playful fun, Cole. I have to be sure he knows I can give as good as I receive!

Merry Christmas to you too, Sue!

Sarah L. Catherine said...

Merry Christmas!!

I set up all my computers (PC's) for single click, even my work computer. When I get to a computer with double clicking again, it really throws me off! :)