Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Drink lots of water, walk slow, and don't get excited

Those are the words of my dear dad. He used to say them anytime I got over excited or lost my patience. Which happened more often than not. He was a really smart man, of course I'm pretty biased. Of course, I shouldn't take any credit away from my mom who is equally brilliant herself!

It's just that my dad's words seem to be replaying in my head, over and over these days. I lost DSL service at home yesterday and it won't be back up for a few days. Then my laptop blitzed and my dear husband performed some maintenance on it that, to me at least, seemed to take entirely too long. He was right though, the maintenance was running properly and it did solve my problem. Yippy! Now I don't have a good reason to procrastinate. When I go home tonight, I won't be able to surf the web or message boards, I'll just have my computer and that mean I'll just write, which hopefully will mean I'm more productive.

My last post was so poopy. Sorry. I had a "moment". I'm better now. Nervous as heck about the review being done on my full manuscript by my most desired agent, but happy at least. There's lots of good stuff; such as the fact that she hasn't shoved it back at me and told me my writing stinks. Yet. Oops, I slipped into no-no-land again.

I rest assured in the thought that what is meant to be is meant to be and God is the only person who knows what that is. So, if this is the agent I'm meant to be represented by, then it'll happen. If not, it's only because God has something better in store for me.

Well, I'm off to my home and dear husband now and I'm going to do my best to follow dear old dad's advice: "drink lots of water, walk slow, and don't get excited..."


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