Thursday, February 16, 2006

Am I Crazy, Or Is It Just Me?

Ever feel that way?

I do... I took off early today. And guess what I did? I raked leaves, cleaned out my car, cleaned off the pile of miscellaneous stuff on the dining room table, moved a desk and bookcase... Pretty good, huh? Except the two major things I NEEDED to do, I didn't do at all.

I didn't write and I didn't touch working on our taxes. I am technically self-employed, so I have loads of fun at tax time. My accountant begged me to stop putting receipts in shoe boxes. Maybe it made them smell funny, I don't know. So, this year, I have a green gift bag full and then there's a sort-of-pile upstairs on our office floor. It's a "sort-of"-pile because Buckley likes to run and jump on it the way I used to with leaves as a kid. Hey, there's not even a shoebox in the room though!

Argh! Why didn't I do either of those things? Who knows... Am I crazy, or is it just me?


PS The weather conspiracy continues... The weatherman is not reporting that we'll have flurries... That would be too overt. No, he reported tonight that we would have rain this weekend. He then went on to say, in his ominous, I'm-a-meteorologist-I-am-feeling-my-power voice, "However, we will also have some of the coldest temperatures of the year, so we will watch this situation closely." Which in SC speak means a chance of flurries, or a blizzard, or even the dreaded black ice... Either way it will surely send people flying to the grocery store for more bread, despite the four loaves currently in their pantry from when the weatherman predicted "flurries" two weeks ago. So I'm thinking of buying stock in our local bread makers. I mean if I have to suffer from this racket they have with the weathermen, shouldn't I at least get something good out of it?


Nicole Reising said...

April - I want to know why God created that particular trait, procrastination, in us human beings. What possible bit of merit did he see in it?

Ah well, hopefully I won't be asking him face to face anytime soon, though I do wish he'd lift it from me!

Oh, by the way, Bert got home last night and I mentioned to him about your post on Sixteen candles and he agreed with you that I'm crazy. :-) But he's the one that has to live with that crazyness... he's married to me! :-)

April said...

Well I'm glad to hear there is some sanity in your household, Cole! ;-).

I think procrastination has its purpose. You would think it would prevent me from being impetuous. But I think my wires got crossed somewhere. So I procrastinate when I don't need to and I'm impetuous when I should hold off and put things aside for a while. Argh!

Michelle said...

Do you ever wonder if weathermen are secretly paid by the grocery stores to HINT that there might be snow and you MIGHT want to go buy toilet paper and milk? :)