Sunday, February 12, 2006

Jake Ryan...

Does the name sound familiar? How about Michael Shoeffling?

Jake Ryan is the leading hero of the movie Sixteen Candles and he was played by Michael Shoeffling.

Jake Ryan is probably at least somewhat responsible for the fantastical ideas that run through my head.

When I was younger and first saw the film, I fell instantly in love with the brown eyed hottie. What girl watched the movie and didn't. If I had to pick an all time favorite romantic movie, that would be it.

While watching Sixteen Candles with a good friend last night (after the shopping), I began pondering just why it is I feel so drawn by the movie. I mean, sure he's hot. But there are plenty of movies out there with plenty of hot men. What made this one so special that it's marked me for life?

I found an article by The Washington Post on this very subject. Apparently I am not the only person who suffers from this ailment.

The article points out how Shoeffling portrays the "perfect" boyfriend. He gives up the snotty girlfriend, falls in love with the not-as-beautiful Samantha Baker and goes out of his way to be a sweet guy to her.

In watching the movie now, I see instances where I don't think he plays the "perfect" guy. But I get where the article is going.

It's more than that though. For me, I think it's the moments. Like in the gym where she finally gets the guts to talk to him and chickens out when they're face to face. It's the way he bites his lip, the way she fidgets.

It's that moment when all of the cars pull away after the wedding and she's left at the church, once again all alone and seemingly forgotten and then, as the last car pulls away it reveals Jake leaning against his red Porsche waiting for her. It's her disbelief he's there. It's their awkwardness when they finally talk to each other. And of course, it's the tension filled moment when they lean over the burning cake and kiss.

It's those moments that I enjoy. It's those moments I want to write about. It's those moments which have marked me for life.

What about you? Any movie or character mark you for life? What about them made such an impact on you?


Michelle said...

I think I liked Daniel Day-Lewis in Last of the Mohicans best. It was a drool fest for me. I love an alpha man who swashbuckles and gets the girl at the end.

Olga said...

I've seen the show about teen stars, and Michael still looks hot. Btw, as far as I remember he became a carpenter. Surprise, surprise. As for the moments that tug at my heart, it's the ones you described (and I saw agree with Michelle on the Last of Mohicans), and almost entire Gone With The Wind. Clark Gable was absolutely amazing in that movie. I so wanted the HEA for Scarlett at the end.

Nicole Reising said...

Hi April! You probably aren't going to believe this but... I don't like that movie. I don't know, maybe because I never saw it until 'after' I was married (too old syndrom) "shrug" My husband likes it though. :-) Didn't I tell you that he's a sweety!

But I definitely do know what your talking about in liking a star(actor). Michelle - boy am I there with you. I drooled over that movie again and again and again because of Daniel Day-Lewis. Ummm, Um, Ummm. And I have a love hate relationship with the movie to begin with because its so sad! I hate to watch movies again that are tear jerkers! (Quite blatantly avoid them if I know they are and don't apologize for it either - I hate crying!) And just thinking about it makes my chest hurt.

So I'm thinking that a character in a movie that strikes you as such for ever more, has alot to do with timing of your life. Just like the music from your teenage years and maybe even into college years are 'most often' people's favorites for the rest of their lifes. When I heard Oprah say that on a show years ago, I was surprised but have come to believe it.

April said...

Cole, as punishment for saying you don't like the movie, I'm sentencing you to watch 24 hours of back-to-back Sixteen Candles. just kidding... It's okay... I guess...

Daniel Day-Lewis is definately a cutie. Mmmmmmm...

And Clark Gable is definately one of the best heros ever.

Thanks for the tidbit on Shoeffling, Olga. At the risk of sounding like a stalker, I have hunted down that info too. And I can just picture it... Michael walks in from his wood shop where he's been making furniture in the warm Pennsylvania afternoon. He's all hot and sweaty, so of course he's taken off his shirt. And as he walks through the back door of the kitchen... his sweet little wife walks up and destroys my whole little fantasy. Darn it!