Sunday, February 05, 2006

The "F" Word...

Yup, I'm gonna say it... Flurries.

What did you think I was talking about?

It might as well have been that word. Where I live, we've been averaging highs in the upper sixties and lows in the upper thirties, lower forties. Any sort of frozen precipitation is "snow" to us. And heaven help us when any is forecasted.

Which is exactly the situation we're in. Apparently there's a chance of "flurries" Monday night. With no chance of any accumulation. Which means it's not that big of a deal, right? Wrong... Every time there's a chance of "flurries" someone talks about the ice storm we had twenty years ago. It was a "flurries" forecast too.

In SC, ice storm = entire city locked down for a week.

So what does everyone do when flurries are forecasted? They run to the store and buy bread and water and non-perishables.

I've noticed a recent trend whereby flurries are forecasted several times but there aren't any and I'm beginning to think this is just some deal the grocery stores have worked out with the weather forecasters. You know, we're over stocked on bread... could you tell everyone we may have flurries?

What about your weather? Do you have snow and if so, do people act like it's the end of the world?



MaryF said...

LOL on the weathermen and grocery store conspiracy!!

We were 81 today. 81. In February. Madness.

Tomorrow should be cooler. Only 70.

Emma Sinclair said...

DC doesn't do very well with snow.

But Seattle was horrible. There was about an inch of snow on the ground once. I thought nothing of it, got up and drove to work. Everyone else called in though saying that they couldn't get there because there was too much snow - I had a small chevy, they had trucks and SUV's.

Crazy I tell ya!

Nicole Reising said...

Ah April you've done it again! I'm smiling. :)

Where I'm living now - IA - we are more attuned to snow and inclement weather then you guys are in comparison to you guys but that having been said, I grew up in Northern WI where the little bit of 'weather' we get down here is nothing in comparison. And I find myself time and again, like you or Emma, shaking my head at how they clear the grocery stores and don't dare drive because of a little snow. Where I grew up we'd get 'feet' of snow and still do our daily stuff. You just had to or you might as well have become a bear and hibernated for the entire winter. Nothing would have gotten done for months! :)

Have fun with your huge snow fall! :)

April said...

Well I'm glad to hear we aren't the only nutcases when it comes to frozen precip... And we didn't get any... Do I sense a conspiracy here???

It's usually warm here. Which is great except during summer when it's sweltering.

Snow days are nice. Because half the time they close the schools and state and all and it doesn't snow, so you get a free day to do errands or whatever you need to do! :-)

Michelle said...

We haven't had hardly any snow this year and I'm so disappointed. I love having at least one good storm. Southern Virginia has the same problem as SC I think. :)