Monday, February 20, 2006

I'm Surrounded!

As I sit here, typing this post, I'm surrounded by stacks of receipts. If I had a better filing system--ok, if I had a filing system at all--I would have no stacks, but rather neatly organized files of receipts.

Either way, I'm finally making some headway on the tax front. Argh! Now I gotta pull out the big calculator and see how many pennies I can squeeze out of my deductions.

Here's some tax time humor I thought I'd share:

"Top 10 signs Your Accountant Is Nuts"
As presented on the 04/10/96 broadcast of LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN
10. In several places on your tax forms, he's written, "Give or take a million dollars."
9. Tells you to put all your money into British cattle futures.
8. You notice that his "calculator" is just a broken VCR remote.
7. Insists that there's no such number as four.
6. He laughed at the Bob Dole background check. (I'm sorry--that's a sign he's hypnotized)
5. Counts family of squirrels living in your yard as dependents.
4. Advises you to save postage by filing your taxes telepathically.
3. Instead of C.P.A. License, he's got a framed photo of a shirtless Alex Trebeck.
2. Demands that you call him the "Una-Countant".
1. He's got a 1040 Form tattooed on his back.

Do you think this would work?



Nicole Reising said...

Very Cute! :-)

Emma Sinclair said...

My taxes went to the accountant today!! Woo Hoo!!

April A said...

Thanks, Cole!

Congratulations, Emma!! You're better than I. But I do plan to have them out SOON!!! But maybe not by Friday. Argh!