Monday, February 20, 2006

What Plans?

I had plans this weekend... I'd had them for some time too.

My hubby was headed to D.C. for a conference. My Friday and Saturday were wide open except for going bowling Saturday evening for a friend's birthday and picking hubby up from the airport when he came home! What was I going to do with all that free time? Get my tax stuff ready for the accountant! But then I got the call... Matt's flight was supposed to leave at 9:30 on Friday. So you can understand why I was confused when I got a call from him at 10:00. He should be in a plane, after all.

But he wasn't. His flight had been delayed until 1:30. Then I got another call an hour later and he said his flight was cancelled. There had been mechanical/weather issues. I'm glad he didn't get on the plane. But I felt bad, because all other flights were booked and he didn't get to go!

So I went to pick him up and take him home. Then I went back to work. Thinking... This is ok. I'll still do the taxes. Then I worked late. Really late. I got home around 10:00. Then I ended up working Saturday too. So, I didn't get any tax stuff done.

I'm not complaining! In the end, I would much rather be working and making money than figuring out how much money I'm going to have to send to the government! How about you? Did your weekend go as planned? Was it productive?



Olga said...

Hugs on the cancelled flight! As for my week-end, it wasn't that productive, therefore, I enjoyed most of it.

Kayla said...

Aw! That sucks. I hate it when plans are otherwise derailed.

As for me, I worked on the novel and started a short story, but I otherwise haven't done much. It's nice to relax for once.

Nicole Reising said...

How is this possible? You posted this in the middle of the night(according to the time it shows) and I'm on here quite early and yet... there are two posts already!!! Man and I thought that I'd been keeping strange hours as of late! :-)

Well, my plans for this weekend were... I don't even try to make plans anymore - their always changed and then I'm frustrated and upset and ornery. :-(

Well, ok thats not strictly true but I've learned with kids that I can make plans but I could bet a million dollars and become very rich too I might add that they will changed. For example I've been up at three am for the past several days because Carter has a 'slight' cold. No matter how you look at things - you look at them quite differently when your working on only a couple of hours of sleep and several pots of coffee. (Yes, I'm sending in my email letter to the agent today as planned - but due to the lack of sleep and the wacky brain waves I've decided I had better give it a chapter a day glance over for wackiness :-) - who knows what I've written! ) Needless to say things still have been getting done but certainly not in the order that I would have planned. :-)

I'm sorry your husband didn't get to go the conference but I'm really glad as you put it that he didn't get trapped on a plane or in a strange place inbetween.

As for doing taxes - we bring ours in. That was not easy for me as I had done it myself for years but just a couple of years ago my husband convinced me to bring it in as we had two house sold and I was in business for myself and he wanted it to be correct. (Which on some areas - like the houses - I felt better putting it in someone else's hands but for my business?(Which I had done lots of studying on how to file for, acquiring books and everything) Well, I was telling them what to do. That was frustrating but... I will admit to not being stressed out last year or this year in not having to do it... So I guess its a trade off. :-)

Have fun doing yours!

Ok now that I've written a book... :-) Have a great day! Cole

Sela Carsen said...

I've done that. I learned that you should always book an early flight so that even if you get delayed, there's always another flight! it took my dh a day and a half of cancelled flights to learn that.

What are you doing next weekend? Are you going to the SC Book Festival? I signed up for the Master Class that Jenny Crusie and Bob Mayer are teaching on Friday. e-mail me -- selacarsen at hotmail dot com

April said...

Good for you, Olga!

Glad you got to relax, Kayla!

Cole, LOL! I don't DO our taxes. We have an accountant. It's the gathering of receipts and expenses that I have to do. I have to get it all together and organized to take to our accountant who then makes sense of it all... How he does it, I don't know. I call him Super Ron!

Sela, I'll be there. I'm not going to make the master class, but I'll definately be at the fest. and I'm going to a number of the talks!

Emma Sinclair said...

My taxes are going to the accountant tomorrow. Granted I've been saying that since Jan 1, but this time I really mean it.

April said...

Good luck, Emma! I'm shooting for having them off by Friday!