Sunday, June 11, 2006


I guess the past two or so days has been a bit of a back slide for me. And that really stinks since I'm so close to THE END!

But work took over my life on Friday and then some of my hubby's relatives decided to make an impromptu visit Saturday night, which led to a rage of cleaning after I finished catching up on my left over work from Friday. Sadly, his relatives were not able to make it into town early enough, so they ended up passing up the visit. But hey, at least the house is clean.

Well, maybe not the entire house. Our office still looks like a tornado hit it. Which may be appropriate since hurricane season has started and we already have a tropical system in the gulf. We've been working on "cleaning out" the old office area and then we're going to move it around a bit. It's been a slow process.

So I decided to get back into the groove and get some writing done today. Which of course means that I need some inspiration. I loved the comments on the questionable picture in the previous post, by the way. I'm still on the fence about that pic.

Here's one that I hope will inspire us all...

How was your weekend? Anything productive done?



Nicole Reising said...

My weekend has been busy as usual - productive? I suppose in a round about way!


Sue aka MsCreativity said...

I have one question for you April, and I've been wondering about it for ages - how on earth do you get anything done when you have pictures of these hunks to distract you?

And, more importantly, where do you find them? (On second thoughts, p'raps you'd better not tell me)

Stacy Dawn said...

Productive yes. Hubby took the oldest to the ballgame leaving me and the little one at home. Nap time alloted me about ten pages of writing!

MaryF said...

I did some huge revisions on my GH finalist. I'm waiting for my agent to call so we can make a plan.

Emma Sinclair said...

Congrats on being so close to the end!

Karen Erickson said...

Yea on being almost finished!

Mscreativity, you don't want to know where she finds the pics - you will surf and look at various hot man pics all night long. And get nothing done. :) :) :)

April said...

LOL, MsCreativity! I have learned the fine art of how to google for hot pictures. And an art it is because usually you get porn... One thing I search for is "posters of sexy men". That usually gets me something. And as for how I avoid distraction... The pictures seem to actually help push me to write :-)

Glad everyone is getting stuff done!

Ten pages, Stacy? That's great!

Good luck getting with the revisions, Mary! You're so close... I can't wait to celebrate when you sell!